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  1. Can anyone recommend me a cheap rapid prototyping company that can do 3D printing and SLA? I've just graduated so can't afford the quotes I've been given so far but need the parts for a model I'm working on as part of my Masters application portfolio. Any advice would be much appreciated! mj
  2. I've got to produce a prototype of an assembly for my project. Our University uses 3D printing, but the finish quality isn't amazing, the models always have ridges on the surface. I've got an assembly in solidworks with concentric and tangent mates that are of equal diameter/size to their parent component and was wondering if and by how much I should reduce the inner component size by to make sure they are functional when the prototype is finished... Should I combine the parts into one part file with a tolerance or prototype each component separately and assemble by hand (which would require a redesign of the assembly)? Any advice will be much appreciated! Mike

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