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  1. hey folks.. I am currently looking for work and in my research I have come across many companies/studios that mention this " We are always looking for talented individuals. If you think you can add to our team please send us a sample of your work/link to your website with your resume" My question is - Do I just send them the link and resume...or should I attach a formal cover letter as well? I was thinking of just mentioning very briefly in the email itself why I am interested..but again I am not sure and was looking for advice. many thanks!
  2. Thank you for ur help folks. Sorry for the late reply ..haven't been regular at the forum for a while now. Also, my id got lost..so i registered with a new one. @ Constantin - thanks for the advice. Will look up designers/consultancies responsible for the design. I haven checked out consultancies who have done sports equipment design..its just I was hoping to find a studio that focuses on that. @ Waikit - Thanks for the suggestion. I checked out Decathlon, but was unable to find a position for Industrial Designer(tho i need to look at their website more carefully..may be they have the job description under a different post or something) @ Jp- Checked out the Shadowman. Nice job man. I used to practice MMA and I remember having an idea for a mannequin that could simulate the dynamics for body weight transfer for judo students...especially since the current mannequins are very static but i never got around to doing anything about it. I will send you a message on the website..incase you miss this one.

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