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  1. Early last min shopping

  2. Awesome night out I think... Great seeing old friends.

  3. Avoid the N1 south at all costs! 1 hour on 6km I isn't fun

  4. Last exam on the 9th, portfolio evaluation on the 18th and expo on the 25th. Almost done :-)

  5. Hello Everyone This month we'll be doing Lounge Furniture. This is either in our outdoor furniture where people are most likely to relax and spend the day off when at home or at a hotel or spa. I've included examples below but this month anything goes as long as it is sketched. Please Note: Best sketch in terms of color, layout, impact and ability to convey the design across wins sketch of the month. This challenge is be judged by a poll at the end of the month. This is a friendly competition If you are unsure of whats required, please read passed challenges or ask As always, crit is welcome (but keep it constructive and clean) Enjoy CRICHTON
  6. Crichton

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    Somedays this feels like we hosting a drama discussion! ZXYS; love the toung in cheek humor Will; thanks for the honesty, but nothings stopping you from posting a few more sketches if you want to. As a matter of fact, the more the better Anyways alot has come through the last 2 weeks so half way through.. You guys are welcome to post your comments on your favorite sketches. Let us all learn from the best to improve ourselves as not only in sketch but as designers Crichton
  7. Crichton

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    ZXYS, it's a good picture. Think from next month we'll do a sketch and CAD renderings, But for now let's keep the sketches coming. This is after all SKETCH challenges. Looking good guys
  8. Crichton

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    Members found instigating arguments or posting comments which ruin the experience for others will have their comments removed.
  9. Crichton

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    Will; it's possible but it requires a set of skills you seam yet to learn. Cash68; your gif is deleted for a reason, please let it rest now
  10. Crichton

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    Line, you are here to improve yourself, not apologise. Hope to see some of your work soon
  11. Crichton

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    Will, I like the fact that you pushing the pencil sketch issue. Your latest sketch however needs a redo if you want it considered. Perspective, Line work and the crosshatching all have issues. I could pin point and help you correct this drawing but I think you should first look through the main sketches directory or even Google product/industrial design sketches to get a better idea of what we looking for.
  12. Crichton

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    Chja0011, very good line sketch! Thanks for your entry. Will, cash68 is quite right. I hope you take this as a stearn warning, ONLY your own original line sketches and renderings may be submitted. You may only use photoshop to help you render a line sketch you have made. Cheating does not develop any skill and these challenges are all about developing your abilities to sketch. Looking forward to your next submission with your own work. Give it a try, let us crit and try and improve on your personal skill. At the end of the day, been able to sketch accurately within a very short period of time is the difference between telling a client you'd get back to him or been able to show him a few quick solutions there and then. Impressing clients in a few lines can bring alot more contracts your way than coming back to a client later. In these tough times a good basic sketch can make or break you. Think of sketch challenges as a way for you to develop a key skill in design. Crichton
  13. Crichton

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    You guys may send in multiple sketches and we'll even allow sketches which have been photoshop enhanced to help out with marker rendering but in principle this is a sketch challenge so cad is out. So far from a designer sketch point of view, it seams Cash68 is on the money. The new cad (3d) challenges start at the end of this month on the 3d challenges page.
  14. Crichton

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    Will It might also be the rendering?? The right side of the parts looks larger than the left, which looks much narrower. It makes it seam perhaps like it's top area tapers from a rectangular shape.
  15. Crichton

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    Well done guys, looking good! Will; the two parts that raise above the eggs in the middle look a little rectangular, or is that just the photo? Good work though! 1001sketches; looks good, could you perhaps try render in color? Maybe only to the packaging to make the closest point stand out more, to make it pop off the page. Just a thought. Off to a good start guys

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