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  1. Hello. I've developed this creative technique that helps designers (particularly product designers) during the sketching phase of product development. I created a deck of cards that you could buy or make yourself, but now I have created it as a web app. I'd love you to give it a try. Here's the theory behind it: Creative methodologies usually combine divergent thinking (applying a stimulus to generate potential outcomes) and convergent thinking (bringing facts and data together and applying logic). Iterations help divergent thinking by giving suggestions on how to process the output. They work as a set of guitar effect pedals to your process. There is an input, a set of ambiguous instructions that can be applied to this input, and an undetermined output created by these effects. In layman’s terms: you sketch an idea, then draw a card. Then draw a new sketch based around your interpretation of what the card says. Then draw another card. Sketch another new sketch based on what the card says. And repeat. The results can lead iterative sketching down new and innovative paths not normally reached through standard idea generation. here's the link: dncnmckn.github.io/iterations Please give it a go and let me know what you think so I can adapt and improve. Thanks for your time.
  2. sparkwoodand21

    Chess Set For The Blind

    This is a project that I set up to try and get myself back into Product Design again. I gave myself 10 days to design a chess set for the blind, but I'm a freelance designer and so I had to work around my current client workload. Over the 10 days I worked roughly 40 hours and this is what I came up with. You can read about the full 10 day design process here. I hope you like it. Chess set that can be played by blind, partially-sighted and full-sighted players. Textured magnets hold the pieces in place and indicate direction of play of each piece so each piece can easily be recognised. The value of each piece is also indicated by the weight of the piece. White pieces are matte steel and black pieces are hardwood. Side different can be identified by heat and texture of pieces. The board is a hardwood base inset with textured magnets for the black squares and ceramic-coated magnets for the white squares. The amount of “stick” a piece has to the board also indicates what square it is on. Each piece is 50x50x50mm to give it some substance when handling. Both white and black pieces are milled to shape with different sized cores drilled out to vary the weight of the piece and capped with magnets that are sintered into shape and then the texture sputtered onto them and bonded with a relevant glue.

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