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  1. Matt Ralphson

    High Speed Train

    What happens when the number of people wanting to get off the train exceeds the available limit of the intermediary vehicle? They'd either have to be really big or tailored per journey based on the tickets sold for that trip, with the addition of any open tickets. Also all the really boring technical "That's impossible" talk from everyone else: He's not an engineer, but you throw enough money at a problem and they'll give you a solution). PS: What colour would it be? I suggest silver, like a fox ^^
  2. Matt Ralphson

    Sreet Furniture

    I love how elegant it is, but what others have said is true: Advertisers want the adverts to be seen, and with your design they wouldn't be. If this were just about having a great looking bench it'd be fantastic but for advertising purposes I don't think it'd really cut it. If it had a back plate with a different advert on it could work (kind of like the billboards that rotate in that they would both be seen), but that'd take away from how awesome the design is. PS: The render looks really nice.
  3. I really like the first one, good sketch and a fun image.
  4. Matt Ralphson

    Especially For Designers, Hilarious Read

    That's great, been linking it to people since I read it. The other posts are equally as good too.
  5. Matt Ralphson

    Design Simplicity

    I was thinking about how Koman put it and he is right. Simple elegance often lasts longer than ostentatious opulence. Design trends shift and move with time but minimalistic ideas always come back round again (long before minimalism there was basic beauty in design).

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