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  1. Dear All I'm trying to gather some more informations on designing a headphone specially for gaming purpose, it has a microphone for communications, and also some buttons to choose the sound effect etc. Connection method is still not yet confirmed, but it's not that main point here. Which style of outlook you will consider ? Many thanks. Regards, Koman
  2. Koman

    Design Simplicity

    Thx Matt. One more thing I'd like to say, is about how people from management level think about Simplicity. Bear in mind that not all people in management level appreciate Simplicity. They usually regard those fancy stuff as "Profound Design", which proved your effort behind the desk. So besides from what we do, I think it's the Presentation Skills that counted too.
  3. Koman

    Which 3D Modeling Software Should I Learn?

    Solidwork is pretty handy in term of Solid modelling with parametric history which enables you yo modify the model easily without starting all over again. Whilst Rhinoceros has very nice learning curve for those Autocad users in terms of surface modelling, what's more, license of Rhinoceros is very attractive. Long time ago, I used them both for certain projects, and have the model rendered in some other engine like 3DSMax. For now, I'm in love with Maxwell.
  4. Koman

    Modeling Mannequin Form

    Hv you tried to input a surface(say from Rhinoceros) and cut them into watertight solid in Solidworks ?
  5. Koman

    Everyone's Age.....

    Oh, just found that I'm kinda old here ....
  6. Koman

    Design Simplicity

    Simplicity doesn't mean ZERO design elements. A simple product may be rich in material texture or well designed ergonomics. What's more, as a headphone and speaker designer, I found that simpler design fits into our comfort zone much more easily. Eye catching products has shorter life span from end-user's perspective, as tey'll find it boring easily.

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