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    Car Design For Ever!
  1. Hi Friends! I'm Dino This is my new account - Megatron, I created a new account, because I do not know why on the previous account I could not login ;/ Ok, it does not matter So, I made a new car design tutorial with Adobe Photoshop. In this set: Content: - 60 slides - 55 stages - 157 steps - Every step is thoroughly described (english version) Specifications: Files - ZIP / PDF / TXT Size - 12.1 MB The entire tutorial You can see here: http://cardesigncore...tutorial-1.html Thumbnails: . Examples: The final project: The entire tutorial You can see here: http://cardesigncore...tutorial-1.html ENJOY! ;-) Marcin Wasilewski [Dino] P.S. Sorry for my English ;-)
  2. Welcome again! This is my new tutorial. If someone is willing to translate the text, he can add to the topic here. http://pokazywarka.pl/tutorial-dino4/ or from google translate: http://translate.google.pl/translate?js=y&...20do%2520tematu. Sorry form My English
  3. Megatron

    R E N A U L T Tutorial [3]

    sory but i dont now how to translate... my english is very poor, sory for that:(
  4. Megatron

    R E N A U L T Tutorial [3]

    Hello.. my name is Marcin Wasilewski... - DINO This is my new Renault tutorial... Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9
  5. Megatron

    F E R R A R I Tutorial

    thx... I cant because i don't now how to translate - my English is very pour... but I learn this Language.
  6. Megatron

    Polish Sketches ;)

    Parel, please help me with my concepts...what is wrong in this projects? yo
  7. Megatron

    Polish Sketches ;)

    update: please comment
  8. Megatron

    Nike Shoes

    nice shoes - ja piernicze, brakuje mi slów po angielsku... ale buciki są spoko;) pozdro
  9. Megatron

    Cars And Styles

  10. Megatron

    Artpad Competition.

    Welcome. The Works of ArtPad there are very interesting. One can make many nice paintings and pictures. I make a few speeds pntgs on this program... I am very curious yours works:) green soldier - http://artpad.art.com/?ir1de510fg9o red robo - http://artpad.art.com/?ir1rstcxkc8 Tutenhamon - http://artpad.art.com/?irpq7r1dt20 Eyes - http://artpad.art.com/?iraq1z13d1ys Warrior - http://artpad.art.com/?irb1zs1dugdw Riverside - http://artpad.art.com/?irb3jaa6s38 Gate - http://artpad.art.com/?ircr27hclhs Papa (green eye) - http://artpad.art.com/?irg9n21jir0k Terminator T101 - http://artpad.art.com/?irl8wbp6u7w Galactic City - http://artpad.art.com/?irnz2318wrbg Speed car - http://artpad.art.com/?iqy4pq1lqohg
  11. Megatron

    Cars And Styles

    I add the yellow color on background and delte color from the car.. hehe now this look like a one pencil sktech without colors ...

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