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  1. Hi there, For the past 8 yrs of my career, I had been on AutoCAD from version 2004, 2006 till now 2012. Recently I had managed to have a copy of Solidworks 2012 at my office and been verse with it at a basic level, I start to wonder, which is actually better for Furniture Design? Of course, I am aware that Solidworks 2012 is way full of functions and features when compared with AutoCAD but my only complain is that in Solidworks, I have to create my concepts parts by parts, literally before going to assembly mode. Whereas in AutoCAD, I can just draft out the whole concept in a single layout. Or is there a way to do so in Solidworks as well. Please advise. Cheers, Ken
  2. Ken

    Rhinoceros 3D 4.0

    hi guys, Had been thinking of picking up Rhinoceros 3D recently. But was afraid that learning curve for the software is a little too much for someone like me. Was wondering if there is any good book for a beginner like me to pick up Rhinoceros 3D 4.0 Preferrable those which practise section in them too... Cheers, Ken
  3. Hi guys, Newbie post here. Recently someone had introduce me to this prospective client who would like to had some of his ideas conceptualise, prototype and eventually production run. We had yet to met up for discussion but should be soon. Therefore, before that, I would like to find out normally how do you guys out there charge for such works? cheers, Ken

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