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  1. Come on guys - surely someone has a good book list!
  2. Can anybody recommend or link me to a resource that suggests books/resources with information regarding lighting and colours when marker rendering. I understand the principles of marker rendering but I don't know the fundamentals of lighting when rendering presentation drawings. An example would be difference in marker tones from the light bouncing from the floors onto cars. I can't imagine how to render some items due to not knowing how light will reflect off different surfaces/shapes. Please help!
  3. l3nch

    Gmc Grand Sasquatch

    Hey Dude, I think if you have any spare cash rolling around in the coming months you could really benefit from DVDs by Harald Belker and Scott Robertson. They show some excellent technique in developing awesome vehicles. It is important to remember the textures of cars. Spend some time working on layering your different painting/rendering effects to develop contrasting textures which define attractive cars. This will really boost your rendering output and give that WOW factor people immediately look for. Try stepping away from your screen maybe a couple of feet to really see where you may be going wrong with your perspectives. EVERYBODY gets perspectives wrong first time round - you have to play with your linework before you can really convince the viewer that they are looking at a believable concept; the rendering adds the sparkle! Keep it up bro - it's nice to see people not giving up too easy! Peace
  4. l3nch


    Hi all! Hope you are all well! My name is Paul and I am a Product Design graduate. I have recently been developing my skills using Photoshop and illustrator to produce more eye catching conceptual designs and gradually getting into digital painting. I will hopefully be inputting on some of the sketch/render sections of the forums. I would love to get involved with any schemes/initiatives that are design related and can be contacted by email at - paulbaines.jmu@googlemail.com Thanks, P

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