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  1. jinard

    Jigsaw Cutlery

    Thanks for the post, I certainly agree with your points. J.
  2. jinard

    Jigsaw Cutlery

    Hi everyone, I have recently designed a new cutlery set. There isn't much to be said about it that you won't be able to see right away. So please enjoy effortlessly. Link below for more images and such. http://jinarddesign....aw-cutlery.html J.
  3. jinard

    Living Fashion

    Hello friends, I have come up with this design that allows you show off your green thumbs... or necks. Keep in mind this is a project in progress. Always love the feedback, please click the link below for a full description/write up. My link Jeff Pinard
  4. jinard

    Kula (Sphere) Chair

    Hey thanks for the tips, they definitely would address the original design more. And I graduated 2010 I should probably update my profile. No complaints about the school though, it was a great time for sure.
  5. jinard

    Kula (Sphere) Chair

    Hello all, Been toying with this concept for a while. Take a look, it wont bite. jinarddesign@gmail.com http://jinarddesign.blogspot.com/2011/05/chair.html
  6. jinard

    Kula (Sphere) Chair

    Yes I had no intentions of making it mass produce-able. I did however spend the day coming up with a far simpler version. Take a look (the x10 should be x14). I think this would work far better in terms of production, has a similar feel-ish.
  7. jinard

    Kula (Sphere) Chair

    Not at all, I was up all night thinking about all the different processes possible. I even considered a giant blow molding machine as a possibility, though I haven't heard of such a thing ha.
  8. jinard

    Kula (Sphere) Chair

    Excellent, that is fair enough. I actually think you just gave me a few ideas on how to push this forward. Thanks, I certainly appreciate the constructive advice. Am also wondering if this could be rotomolded then have the blue parts cut out afterwards as they do with many roto products. From what I understand they can recycle the excess materials afterwards so its not a terrible loss.
  9. jinard

    Kula (Sphere) Chair

    Thanks for the tips, although I was under the impression that this was the project in progress section of the forum. I certainly agree that all the manufacturing aspects have not been though through, obviously. The I am still sorting out the details of how/what the actual seat will secure itself. I was hoping for some comments/suggestions, perhaps I should have been more clear on that point. Not entirely sure why aluminum would be the first conclusion you reached, when you can achieve a gloss with almost any plastic. In any case, I will be sure to take the criticism into consideration before posting projects in progress, as it appears readers are looking for closer to production ready, rather than conceptual designs. Again I appreciate the comments. J
  10. jinard

    Kula (Sphere) Chair

    Please elaborate as to which aspect it is that you don't understand and I can potentially re-render to show it more clearly.
  11. jinard

    Minimalism Vs Excessivism

    Thank-you I must. But in all seriousness I pump these out without much review. In the future I will be sure to examine them closer. J.
  12. Hello all. Take a look at the link to my blog, Would love to find out on which side of the design fence you are on... assuming there is any fence at all! http://jinarddesign.blogspot.com/2011/06/eye-em-know-stylist.html Post here or on the blog, which ever tickles your fancy. J.
  13. jinard


    Hello all! My name is jeff Pinard, I am a 22 year old industrial design, graduated from Humber College. I have spent the last year or so designing, and helping launch the SQUEEGiT product. We just had the soft launch on april 4th and going full out on the 14th. I am pretty happy with the way it turned out, we have a road map/family products which I have designed, set to be released throughout the year. Take a look, feel free to comment etc. I am no stranger to criticism (aren't we all). cheers, Jeff Pinard O yeah, here is the link http://www.germwarz.com/
  14. Isla de los Estados, find it on google earth, and have your mind blown by the tiny island with a the huge mountains

  15. YES vancouver, pulled victory from the jaws of mediocrity

  16. Spent 8 hours fixing a boat to go wake boarding, but then got woken up. sometimes dreams suck.

  17. requires a book title

  18. So beach?BBQ?Oh hey there summer, glad you could make it out finally.

  19. i am one happy camper

  20. Bought my first barbecue! Life is moving fast, next step, wife? kids?

  21. has that sudden Icelandic homesickness that apparently everyone suffers from eventually... wtf

  22. Most interesting beerstore visit to date, Needles falling out of empties, men dressed as women and homeless guys begging for change inside the store. Just a usual Monday says the cashier.


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