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  1. Isla de los Estados, find it on google earth, and have your mind blown by the tiny island with a the huge mountains

  2. YES vancouver, pulled victory from the jaws of mediocrity

  3. Spent 8 hours fixing a boat to go wake boarding, but then got woken up. sometimes dreams suck.

  4. requires a book title

  5. So beach?BBQ?Oh hey there summer, glad you could make it out finally.

  6. i am one happy camper

  7. Bought my first barbecue! Life is moving fast, next step, wife? kids?

  8. has that sudden Icelandic homesickness that apparently everyone suffers from eventually... wtf

  9. Most interesting beerstore visit to date, Needles falling out of empties, men dressed as women and homeless guys begging for change inside the store. Just a usual Monday says the cashier.

  10. well played snow...

  11. Ladies and gentlemen Cottage season is nearly upon us...heck yes.


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