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  1. Dansercoer

    Starting Art Kit

    Some advice on good "layering-pencil-brands" and hardness? Or is layering just a technique? I heard good things about Sanford, Derwent and Karisma...
  2. Dansercoer

    Maxwell Render 1.0 Release

    Is there some kind of training DVD/movie for Maxwell or should the manual and tutorials on the site be enough? Thanks!
  3. Dansercoer

    Enlarge Your Capacities!

    A quote from the Core77 forum as a start...
  4. Dansercoer

    Design Books Recommendations

    Anybody knows if both techniques ánd materials are discussed in "Materials and Design: The Art and Science of Material Selection in Product Design" by Michael Ashby and Kara Johnson, and does it contain materials apart from plastics and metals? Some more tips in this field and an extra opinion on "Product Design: Practical Methods for the Systematic Development of New Products" by M.R. Baxter are also welcome... Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the reply! I also regret the fact that ecodesign lost importance. I like the humanity part and the atmosphere in your department is quite nice (I had an interesting talk with Maya Saikali, maybe you know her), but to be honest; for me humans are only a part of the whole system and I won't learn this in school. :blush: My two fields of interest NOW are conceptual design (because I have fun doing it) and ecodesign (my ideal since I was a kid). For the last one I can get a lot out of books, so I think it's wiser to go for conceptual design, or not? By the way, there's a MA Sustainable Product Design @ University College for the Creative Arts (more "arty") and a MA Sustainable Design @ Bournemouth University (more "techy") and maybe some more. Anyway, I supose you ment humanity masters? I'm Belgian by the way, your neighbor. PS Can you get your hands on some kind of credits/ECTS schedule from IM? Something like this; http://www.ha.be/attachments/wim/1Ma.pdf ?
  6. I'm also looking for some kind of credit-schedule, maybe you're able to help? My first choise would be IM, but now I heard they might put the fee for Man & Humanity equal to IM I'd like to find out how important eco-design is in that course. So schedules for both masters would be very helpfull. Thanks in advance!
  7. Dansercoer


    Hallo, I'm Wouter, in the last bachelor Product Development (Hogeschool Antwerpen, Belgium), and currently doing erasmus in EINA. (Universitat Autònoma Barcelona, Spain) There I also do some Interior and Photography. Next year I'm planning a year off at school; a year to make a nice portfolio for a master program, to learn things not seen at school, to do contests and to gather some working experience. The hardest part will be finding the job I guess. My style could described as "experimental ecodesign". Other interests are hiking and electronic music. (http://www.myspace.com/dansercoer) So far I only got the papers for setting a classified building on fire at the age of 12 and for becoming Belgian champion hairdressing. (at least as the ginea pig of my hairdresser) Sorry. Thanks for having me, Wouter
  8. Little introduction; Next year I'm planning a year off at school; a year to make a nice portfolio for a master program, to learn things not learnt at school, to do contests and to gather some experience working (if possible part-time). The hardest part will be finding the job. I started searching studios in my own country and found these. Probably only Quinze & Milan is big enough to have jobs available, but maybe that's aiming too high for a bachelor student like me. http://www.ateliera1.be/ http://www.bezign.be/ http://www.dna-lab.net/ http://www.studiojob.be/ http://www.materialise-mgx.com/ http://www.quinzeandmilan.tv/ So if there are other Belgians to enlarge this list (bit in the same style), or others who can be helpful... in the end the country doesn't matter, this is just a way to start. Thanks in advance!
  9. Dansercoer

    Product Materials

    I have about the same question as marcovicd, but for materials apart from plastics and metals. For that I've a really good book made by my prof. (Dutch and probably not sold out of the school) Thanks!

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