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  1. Seven years later… Could somebody tell me what the major London-based design recruitment agency is (design in its broadest sense)? Design Week lists forty, I only need one.
  2. Dansercoer

    Businesses In Process Design?

    What I'm after is companies that approach the design of business (processes) in a creative way, not so much the product or service in itself. This is not to be mistaken with service design, which is only one part of the value chain. But yes, IDEO is a good example. Why am I asking? I'm currently doing an MA in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship (design pathway) after having studied and worked in product design. I'm now looking for internship opportunities.
  3. I was wondering whether you guys know some creative design companies that practice business process design, more specifically the design of the primary value chain: inbound logisitics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, and service? e.g. http://vimeo.com/12970274 (concept) or Tom Dixon because of his book "Industry" and projects like "Great Chair Grab" and "Flash Factory"
  4. Dansercoer

    Need Laptop Opinions

    Sorry to dig up this old topic. My spec list in order of importance: - good tech support (http://www.laptopmag.com/mobile-life/tech-...009.aspx?page=1) - 15” antiglare screen with decent resolution - Intel Core i7 - min 4GB DDR3-1066 RAM - Windows 7 64-bit - reasonable price - good graphics card A ThinkPad T510 with 3 years of carry-in warranty could have most of the above but would cost £1440.62 and has Intel HD Graphics. Any better alternatives? If tech support was my only spec I would go for a MacBook Pro; Only after 6 times / 2 months of unsuccessfully trying to repair my current ThinkPad’s screen, Lenovo sent me a replacement machine.
  5. So I'm looking for two ø8mm cords with a similar-looking black braid (=easy to clean stains and dirt, little friction against steel and legs) and respectively an elastic (40m) and non-elastic core (155m). I did contact most rope yards in Belgium and neighbouring countries, there's one British company left to send me samples, but I have a bad foreboding... Does anybody know a "super" cord store that ships to Belgium? I already tried Rope Inc. Thanks in advance!
  6. Dansercoer

    Attaching Cords?

    Dangerous in what sense? My final product will be a table, the idea is that those bolts could be used for tightening.
  7. Dansercoer

    Attaching Cords?

    Thanks Peter, Maybe I should have mentioned that I'm going to use non-elastic cord too, tightening this cord using a knot would be quite hard. Also, quoting my first post: "For some the diameter is too big to place ropes next to each other." Anyway, it's good to have that chair clarified. Once again, sorry for being unclear!
  8. Dansercoer

    Attaching Cords?

    So I'm planning to loop the cord using a combination of a few countersunk end stops (p61 bottom) and U-bolts + countersunk sleeve nuts; So far I only found countersunk sleeve nuts at http://www.anzor.co.nz/?t=24&PCT3=275, but the above is more like an M3.
  9. Dansercoer

    Where To Look For Obligatory (safety) Codes?

    Thanks a lot for your reply! I find it weird that people would have to pay to comply with the law though. (A technical regulation provides technical requirements, either directly or by referring to or incorporating the content of a standard, technical specification or code of practice.) Also, wouldn't this be unaffordable for designers making limited edition lighting for example?
  10. I was wondering whether somebody could give me a list of subjects and some summaries of business plans for the MEnterprise in Art and Design? This to give me an idea of how this course compares to similar courses in terms of "altering perceptions of how business and creativity work together" and open-mindedness.
  11. I was wondering whether writing a business plan is part of the MA Design Entrepreneurship course? If so, where could I find some examples? (summaries) This to give me an idea of how this course compares to similar courses in terms of "altering perceptions of how business and creativity work together" and open-mindedness.
  12. De Montfort University: Design Entrepreneurship Goldsmiths: Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship London College of Communication: Enterprise Management for the Creative Arts Manchester Metropolitan University: Enterprise in Art and Design University for the Creative Arts: Creative Enterprise I still have to visit the schools and ask students and tutors for a list of subjects, examples of business plans, etc. but the list is long so maybe someone here can already give me some information? A good course for me: - alters perceptions of how business and creativity work together, in an open-minded way - has a business plan as a result - is part of a qualitative creative department I've heard good things about Goldsmiths, I don't know about the course though as it is the first year they organize it.
  13. Dear all, I was wondering whether there's a method to make sure the list of obligatory (safety) codes to be met is complete when starting a project? Isn't there an (international) umbrella organization/website that gathers most codes, so chances of not knowing and thus omitting codes are limited? Also, is this usually the task of a designer (in-house vs. freelance vs. design-entrepreneur), a subcontracted solicitor, an engineer, etc. ? I just don't want legal problems... Thanks in advance!
  14. Dansercoer

    Physics Questions

    May I ask what you meant with "move the centre of gravity to the inside and for the resulting force to act off centre" ? I found three options for point 1: http://webphysics.davidson.edu/faculty/dmb...on/rolling.html -> Because the wheel is not rolling yet the rolling resistance should be orientated in the opposite direction acting from the bottom of the wheel in order not to contribute to the rotation of the wheel. But down the bottom of the page there's "distribution of the normal forces creates a net torque negating the rotational contribution of the friction" ? http://cnx.org/content/m14385/latest/ -> Here the formulas are completely different (no rolling resistance coefficient) and there's no deformation. I tend to go for the last option because there's no contradiction, but I would like a confirmation to be sure. Finding the rolling resistance coefficient is another issue.
  15. Is it possible that MotionStudy is a new thing? Maybe it's time for me to look for a new version, I couldn't open your assembly either. So if I understand well; Question one is a combination of gravity and rolling resistance so that's for CosmosWorks? (http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.php?showtopic=10504) Question two can be done through MotionStudy? Question three directly follows the above to take the angular momentum into account? And what about materials strength? Sorry if these questions sound stupid, it's just that I've never done this before...

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