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  1. tbalaguer

    Check Out My Portfolio

    You make a very good point! I do have a research book with a one page overview of my model making process; It wouldn't hurt to integrate this page in an additional spread. I suppose the main reason why this page did not make it to my portfolio is because I wanted to keep this project to four spreads. But you are right, building a scale one to one prototype was a major part of this project and it does show a skill-set which is not displayed in any other projects I have in my portfolio. I will definitely work on a model making process spread. Thank you for bringing it up!
  2. tbalaguer

    Check Out My Portfolio

    Thank you for the positive feedback! The reason why I posted my portfolio is because I believe I can still improve it. All of this work was done when I was a student (I cannot show any of the work I have done professionally). I also should let you know I am currently a freelance designer but I graduated less than a year ago, so I'm basically an entry level designer. In other words I feel like there is still a lot I can improve upon. I'm looking forward to hear what other people think!
  3. tbalaguer

    Check Out My Portfolio

    Thanks for all the great suggestions! I checked out your link to the Suprafootwear website, and I really dig it. I'm going to really look into this material/technology. I will definitely make some changes to my materials for the Nike shoe concept. It's funny you also mentioned adding coping on the top edges of my table because I had originally designed this table to be grindable. The reason why I removed the metal coping was because the cost would have been significantly higher for the end user; since my target market revolves around skateboarders (who are most likely not rich), I came to the conclusion that there would be a lot more demand for this product if the cost was lower. I also thought that a large number of people who would potentially buy this table would be living in apartments. You probably wouldn't want to take this grindable table up and down more than two flights of stairs, every time you go out for a skate session. Then again if this was redesigned for a skatepark I wouldn't think twice to raise the cost strengthen the table/bench/grind box and make the entire thing practically indestructible!
  4. tbalaguer

    Check Out My Portfolio

    Demo Reel
  5. tbalaguer

    Check Out My Portfolio

  6. tbalaguer

    Check Out My Portfolio

    Here is my portfolio. Let me know what you think!

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