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  1. muadib3d

    To Mirror Or Not...

    I think I gonna step aside from discusion direction but, maybe it gonna be worth for somebody;) I run similar post(question was right the same) some time ago at polish forum Pro/E related. I can say since that I gonna change my attitude to mirroring. Anyway - I tried for a long to avoid any mirroring in creating models. It only happened for simple features which were not a core of a model. They were not so much important. The rest of stuff I made as seperate features. It does not mean Pro/E lacks some good mirroring capabilities. No way. It works fine. But relations created between features did not allow me to change origin one, because it was a parent for a mirror(it is in Pro/E that You can not delete reference from sketcher if it is used for a mirror). After I run mentioned before post, I was informed about a way which solve my problems. Simple - in Pro/e it is better to mirror or copy the geometry rather than features. With this approach You are not blocked to change References in sketcher any time You want. So, instead of Mirroring features, you should focus on mirroring geometry - Copy > Solid Surfaces > Paste > Mirror. This way it works fine in Pro/E
  2. muadib3d

    Jewelry Modeling

    great job Ragde I am looking forward new design challange Steve Macc, great render, you made it looks really awesome
  3. muadib3d

    Design For Challenge

    there is no demand to pt here very detailed design - simple sketches or simple render are pleased to come the point is to have cute design and bring it to 3D geometry in Pro\e
  4. muadib3d

    Design For Challenge

    Hello all! I want to run a small modeling challenge among Pro\engineer users at Mcad central forum http://www.mcadcentral.com/proe/forum/default.asp But first I need some nice, eye candy design to follow, to put it at front, and let people do it as best as it is possible. So if You are interested in giving people a good reason to run some sleepless nights - do not hesitate. Put it here. Design can come from wide range of products - kitchen appliance, car interior, computer equipment, AGD, etc. It should be industry raleted. p.s The challange is my only idea, I am not representing anyone, so till there is no design, I gonna keep this in silence and do not announce it at MCAD Froum.
  5. muadib3d

    Dna Helixes

    here it is
  6. gush I only wish I would seen this earlier link seems to be dead now
  7. muadib3d

    Gamepad Tutorial

    Radge what about degenerated mesh in boundary surface? I suppose it goona be created with such boundary conditions(curves network)?
  8. muadib3d

    Illustrator To Photoshop Tutorial

    I just run topic on mcad froum two days ago http://www.mcadcentral.com/proe/forum/foru...;PN=1&TPN=5 - scroll down to bottom I hope someone will put some more light on another way of doing this )))
  9. muadib3d

    Illustrator To Photoshop Tutorial

    Yeah, I know that it looks not as it should. Well, my curves just do not fit yours. It was not a goal to make it 100% accurate;))) I made it with common, basic surfacing tools, no ISDX include. As far as I am learning on my own, for my own and alone with no trainings and etc, I just need some good designs to follow, and Yours Skinny was pretty much good to fit to what I was looking for Start. Anyway, I am happy for your response. Taking advantage that You still read this thread, I have a little request to You - Can I use your picks from start page of this thread and my pics of model to put this on Pro\E forum? I am thinking about Mcad Central forum, great stuff about Pro\E. http://www.mcadcentral.com/proe/forum/default.asp I want to put these pics and ask guys how would they follow with such sketches, how would they make such a model. So, what do You think? I am logged in Mcad Central under the same Nick, so You can take a look what I have done till this momment;))) thanks in advance
  10. muadib3d

    Illustrator To Photoshop Tutorial

    Hi to all I am curious if anybody read still this thread after so long break. Any way, Skinny, I took attempt to make this part in Pro\E WF 2.0 as a basic surface challange. It was not so easy to deal with all those smooth transition and keeping right order and quality with the mesh. Gush, there was a moment I just gave up and have still problem with mesh. Anyway, I made it, take a look below how does it look: Stiil I am not sure about transition between white and blue surface. Is it tangent - smooth transition?
  11. muadib3d


    Hi all Nice to meet so many design addicted person here. I am not really involved in design, I am just mechnical engineer convertig designs to rel product. I am not claiming, I like my job. And that is way I started to find out someting more about what good design is:)))))) I am 28 yers old, two children, wife - no dog, no cat;)))) I am dealing with Pro\e each day. Ok, I just said to much, as always;))

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