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  1. muadib3d

    Pontiac And Other Vehicles

    to me the most impresive side of your activity is the significant progress advancedboy you made regarding your sketches and renderings. And, yes, what are cute lines if idea fails anything new and intresting to introduce? Frankly speaking - I do have problem to "buy" all of your designs but I admire and admit they have something incommon, and there is something I could call advancedboy style, and this is good.
  2. yeap, that is all right:) before I launch seperate topic I want to intoduce this question here - same as above but regarding tool boxex made by blow molding? Molding requirements, compounds, drafts, etc?
  3. Hello guys I want to obtain information about appropriate scope of materials considered for housings of power corded tools like heat guns or drills? Particularly, I am interested in restriction those compounds have to pass regarding following norms: LVD, EMC, MD thx in advance Jacek
  4. it seems that I ask first, and give an answer a litlte bit later myself, but if it is a way to move forward, I don`t care - so, TPE, TPR is usually considered for this scope of usage however, first compound for base part should be selected and then TPE according to it.
  5. well, what I noticed - heavy used drills(impact/hammer) or hot air guns have housings made of PA / PA6-GF30 what I am also intersted in is material selection for rubber finishing often performed on handles?
  6. muadib3d

    Complex Injection

    thx guys. I was wondering if this approach/technology is possible ragarding something bigger like a drill?
  7. can you forward me to resources which describe and discuss indeep complex injection where several compounds are injected together - see attached example
  8. Hello to all Recently I`ve been involved in development of Cordless Power tools like drills, heat guns etc. My area of responsibility is basicaly related a little bit to design, and more on making 3D models based on design concepts. I miss some basic background related to ergonomics and other stuff of design of such products. I will appreciate any input. thx
  9. muadib3d

    Difficult To Model In Solidworks

    well, seems to be capable to be done in solidworks. For sure in Pro/E;) you should first take really close look at basic outline of this product and prepare some base curves, then there is only polishing the stuff and adding extra features
  10. muadib3d

    Live Fast Die Young

    fankly speaking I don`t like it at all that is not the rendering, either modeling nor technics - we all know the talent of imran, I don`t buy it in general to me there are too many details that bites each other, there is something taken form bmv gina, aston martin, etc and I don`t buy the idea of Live fast die young! Suppose such car is expected to be expensive. If someone spent couple of years and invested a lot of effort to made such a money, he/she would be last to lost it fast and to me live fast - die young and the car at the background...well... the picture of young rich people who tend to commit suicide is - to say at least - little bit oversized
  11. muadib3d

    Pontiac And Other Vehicles

    I agree with waikit, that is big step forward, great improvement
  12. muadib3d

    Siemens Nx User Blog/portfolio

    great stuff ivan!
  13. muadib3d

    Gmc Grand Sasquatch

    well among of other issues which come inbetween I see a great step forward regarding perspective in your sketches. Good work.
  14. muadib3d

    Miss Courant D'air

    I doubt it would be easy to ride such a bike. the fans itself while riding can act as break or extra load below you can check where such fans are used in sport devices
  15. muadib3d

    Product Shots

    what is this product all about? what is the scope of use?
  16. muadib3d

    Everyone's Age.....

    seems more then 30 years old people are rare guests here. What a shame;)
  17. yutyjtyj what exactly is a problem? do You want to change a type of constraints - I assume not because you said you are familiar with TDD do You want to move/reorder componen up or down in assembly structure? - use then Edit > Restructure describe a problem more detailed. once again best proe related resource is Mcad Pro Engineer forum - proe forum
  18. muadib3d

    Same Sh!t Different Day

    no offence Imran but it does not look so far better than a statement from the subject of the post;)
  19. muadib3d

    Problem In Pro Engineer

    discussed issue is a subject of tutorials available on proe-warsztat.com you should check Tutorial no 10&11
  20. it heavily depends on desired details level. Pro/E + ISDX + "enough" quality and it should be no tedious job, this is my 2 cents regarding the subject - no ISDX, ordinary package. http://www.mcadcentral.com/proe/forum/foru...PN=0&TPN=48 in addition I advise you to check Bart Brejcha Nissan 350Z http://www.proetools.com/talk/autostyling.html
  21. I`ve watched lately cute tutorial regarding handling front fender in Alias, I encourage you guys to take a look either the point is that I wanted to recreate those steps in Pro/E and encountered some problems. secondary surface tangent to those base one would not share common edge if developed in this way I ended up with patches same as in the movie but it is not so efficient as in Alias I am interested in how it would look like in SW or catia
  22. muadib3d

    Hand Drill Design Renders

    i have seen one of your drill design which you modeled in pro-e, why don't you try rendering it? good question - I always spend too much time on investigating and developing most efficient surfacing approach for challanges I took. At the end, there is a lot to rethink and repeat, and polish to consider arranging time for rendering. but, frankly speaking - I tried rendering, and I just don`t "feel" it.
  23. muadib3d

    Chevrolet Bearclaw

    back side looks like ssangyong design and IMO it is not right direction to follow
  24. There is new tutorial available on Proe-warsztat.com (en. garage) Tutorial is surface modeling realted and introduce intresting approaches one could consider while facing demanding rounds transitions. Have fun here it is direct link to document - Tutorial no 12 - Advanced Filleting
  25. muadib3d

    Hand Drill Design Renders

    I am not convinced:) make a curvature check, I bet the plot is changing its direction on the the edge between those two surfaces

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