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  1. There is new product/new design I am looking tooling company for. At this moment I am mostly interested in rough cost estimation of injection-molds and production of single units. The question is how should I manage the collaboration at this level/moment to protect my design and obtain prelimenary costs without making final agreement or confirming the order with particular company form China or Korea? thanks in advance
  2. Hello Can some one guide me regarding the plastics/resins used in medical industry? I am especially interested in laboratory supplies like: * pippetes * multi channel pippetes * housings of laboratory instruments an advantage would requirements/standards/rules one should follow while developing products as discussed abovr thank you in advance
  3. nice, I moticed great improvement regarding the rendering/shadows and proportions
  4. wow, that is a lot of effort involved, and imho it looks really out standing Is it your private research project or was it due some kind of competition?
  5. muadib3d

    Mini Boost

    Liviu really great stuff, especialy regarding the 2D art work regarding the 3D model - there are visible a lot of problems with surfaces transitions. I assume some of them should have been done smooth, soft, instead they are sharp. Maybe this is your intention, even so, I would replace them with the softer ones. I am not a user of Alias, however such issues like surfaces transition are commong among other CAD apps, so I assume this is a result(sharp edges, problems along symmetry plane visible on especially on the trunk, and so forth) of taken approach, rather than tools.
  6. muadib3d

    Bowl's 3D Work

    the discussion is intresting indeed, however A class surfacing is a level a little bit "too high" regarding Pro/Engineer.
  7. muadib3d

    Bowl's 3D Work

    Wow! that is impresive. keep on adding all details. however I have to complain about wheel arch quality. There is a lot to be improved. check this post on polish proe users forum - some time ago we palyed arounf this issue within several solutions http://pfproe.pl/forum/index.php/topic,763.30.html I did small atrempt regarding making a car couple of years ago, and it was fun.
  8. muadib3d

    Bowl's 3D Work

    geometry proofs you feel comfortable with Creo toolkit, more the geometry indeed is not a simple one, so I can`t way to see your approach/technique to make it even better, and extend the scope of techniques you want to introduce I would advise you to show how to solve 3 and 5 sided patches in advantage there couple of such on my web page, you can use them as start point http://proe-warsztat.pl/en/tuts/tuts.php
  9. muadib3d

    Rendering 2D Sketch

    the point is I want to have quick concept arts, rendered one before I launch 3D modeling. I picked up Gimp as my software of choice(GNU license nice thing), to put more details/quality in my hand sketches. Hence, I am lost when it comes to make shadows, gradients and so on...
  10. I did so, but because of my nosy/inquisitive nature I thought maybe there are guideline/rules one should follow to develop such shape by his own:)
  11. ok, maybe then short comment regarding developing the shape of handle for such product or handle in general? What are the basic requirements/ conditions to find best widht, length, layout, and so forth?
  12. Does anyone check this sub-forum at all? )
  13. Hello My goal is to maintain same appearance for couple of plastic parts which are made of different types of compound. One is made of PA, one of POM, one of ABS some areas are covered with TPR, and all of the should give same color appearance. Obtained color samples from factory differe between each other. I am aware the in PA is more shiny, TPR is matt, but is it a way to maintain final appearance of color in more unique way?
  14. muadib3d

    Rendering 2D Sketch

    Hey guys I want to increase some of my 2D sketching capabilities and thought I would start with some simple example. So there is sketch attached below I want to render/shade in the way that it would decribe/reflect the shape introduced on placed aside cross section. I want to learn how to see it, feel it, do it. I am perticulary interested both in : hand/manualy shading and software one. Because I use ordinary, simple, free to use tools as Gimp is, please take this into account:) thanks in advance
  15. Hello Guys I am collecting data related to project of handle for hand saw and back saw. what I would like to to know is: *ergonomic conditions behind the handle of such product * funcionality/working conditions which lead the way the tool/handle is designed I attached two pictures which reflects what I am especially interested in.

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