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  1. azuro1125

    Some Of My Product Design Sketches

    Agreed. These sketches are both technically good, as well as capable of expressing emotion. Well done!
  2. I've brought femur models that were from 3d scans into SW. Some are as big as 20 megs-all with nothing more than a little lag.What problems are you having with the iges format? that format has been around sice the late 80's and is usually my go to for sending solids to shops with limited CAD/CAM. Also, when you get the .stl into solidworks, you might not be able to do much with it. I thhk it has something to do with the fact that the stl is just a shell with no inside to speak of. Perhaps there is a settings menu for you to change export preferences for the iges. Sorry I can't be of more help!
  3. I'd like to , but it is for UK residents only. I even have a rough idea ready to go too.
  4. Hi All, I have a need to bring Solidworks assemblies into a software that has good human models. I have used DAZ 3d to some extent. I can export to .STL and use meshlab to convert to .obj to get SW files into DAZ, but I have only been able to do that with single models. I would like to get better human models for displaying the functionality of orthopedic devices, and animate them as well. I was thinking that 3D Studio Max would be the best bet, but I don't know for sure. From what I have seen in the 3D art world, is that people tend to combine a few different softwares to cater to their needs, i.e, Bryce for terrain, Poser for models,etc. Any help would be great!
  5. I run Solidworks 2007 from a Toshiba with ATI onboard graphics and 2 gigs of RAM. Prior to that, I was running it on an old Gateway with a 1 GHZ processor and 1 gig RAM. That even still allowed me to do Photoworks renders and complex, surface intesive assemblies. I would go with Rhino if you are in the market. It seems to have more intuitive surface generation capabilites, and a decent renderer. It still has the abilty to handle the typical "engineering" challenges as well(bolt circles, etc.). Just my 2 bits.
  6. azuro1125

    The Winner Is Streamliner

    You caught me on the draft angle. I noticed it when I did my final render. That was supposed to extend all the way around the skirt of the desk. The undercuts themselves should not have been too big of a problem with roto molding, as long as the parting line ran on the center of the desk. I was planning on creating a place in the footrest portion to be punched out after delivery, I dont know why I didn't. Thanks for the honest critiques. Joe.
  7. azuro1125

    Azuro1125's Submission

    I just wanted to give a final good luck to all the participants!
  8. azuro1125

    Capacitive Touch Switch For The Disabled

    I think you have a very well thought out product with a very noble cause driving it. However, I'm not sure that the competition allows for products that are already in production. I saw that your product name was trademarked, so I dont know if that would be an issue. From what I remember, the product or service had to be something unique and not yet for sale. Forgive me if I am wrong. Joe.
  9. azuro1125

    Azuro1125's Submission

    DESK 4 ALL Overview: I arrived at the idea for a simple, easy to manufacture children's school desk. Children in developing countries are already saddled with so many burdens when it comes to getting a good education. One of the small ways I thought of to help was to manufacture an easily reproduceable schooldesk for the children to use. BENEFITS: Lightweight, easy to ship in large quantities and easy to move around in the classroom. Design to be made by rotational molding. This is a rather forgiving manufacturing process that offers low initial tooling cost. Also, you are not as limited when it comes to material selection. Injection molds can have issues switching from one type of plastic to another. With roto molding, if you can melt it, you can make something out of it! the process also offers good scaleability. In that, if you want to make 100 or 10,000, the economics don't really limit you production wise as much as injection molding. Designed to be stackable for easy storage and shipping. A variety of simple features are molded into the desk: Seating surfaceWriting utensil tray Large storage space in the front to make use of hollow desk design I realize that these are things you would typically find in most school desks today. I wanted to offer that same small amount of normality to the children of this world who have to work so hard to achieve something that we all complain about and take for granted regulary as children. I don't want to assail you with a giant wall of text so I'll cut this short. Below are some final renderings. Please feel free to give them a look. Also, don't forget to vote! I want to give a congradulations to all of the other participants. There are a lot of very good ideas here. I wish you all the besst of luck! Joe.
  10. azuro1125


    I really respect your design constraint of using local, readily availible containers for your shower. Your renderings look good as well. Good luck! Joe.
  11. azuro1125

    Azuro1125's Submission

    Hello all, Here is version number 5 of the Desk 4 All project. I have moved the handles to the front and back of the desk(thanks Streamliner!). I have also added an opening to the front of the desk to take advantage of the cavernous space under the writing surface.This would be a good place for books, paper, or other school supplies. The top edge of that opening serves as the front handle. I have also included a shot of one of the many arrangement possibilites of this versatile, lightweight schooldesk. Thanks for looking. Joe.
  12. azuro1125

    Azuro1125's Submission

    Good Point. I will be adding an opening of sorts to the front of the desk to act as storage for books, etc. I can mod the top of that opening to double as a handle, as well as moving one to the back. Good luck to you as well!
  13. azuro1125


    Or perhaps a grouping of solar cookers. The awning could still be used to collect rainwater and offer shade for familes doing food prep. I did not go with the solar cooker route because there are a few groups offering them to developing countries already. Joe.
  14. I think yours is a very noble approach. The homeless are indeed a very overlooked portion of society. In America, a majority of our homeless are veterans and the mentally disabled/ill. Given our economic downturn, there are now more "regular" folks that have been forced to live in a similar circumstance. Thses would be the folks who are truly just down on their luck moneywize, and are not part of the normal homeless population. I thought devising a sort of sturdy, individual shelter would be a good way to go. Perhaps an inexepensive-to-manufacture portable shelter that could be manufactured from Tyvek, or some other material. It could be made an earthtone color so as not to be too noticable. With that shelter, you could help stave off some of the pitfalls you mentioned above. It would have to be easier to manufacture than a normal tent, and instill a greater sense of dignity as well. I hope you do enter, you are addressing a group of people with no voice of thier own. Joe.
  15. Thanks for the "friending"!



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