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  1. miwt1

    My Car Design Sketches

    Thank you guys, still like to draw cars when I have a little time If you like car design and my stuff I cordially invite to follow my fanpage Car Design Club Lets build real car design community!
  2. miwt1

    Tomasz Mikrut - Portfolio

    Hello Guys! http://tomaszmikrut.pl I have finally designed and create my portfolio website. It was really difficult to do because I had to join weak programmer skills with simple graphic layout. Some things still doesnt work as I wish, but I will try to change it at future. Hope you like it! This is my official website so new design stuff are coming as soon as possible. If you want to follow me check link below: https://facebook.com...371448226206776
  3. miwt1

    My Car Design Sketches

    Guys, please do not put your car design sketches here! I have created that topic only for my art stuff! My new sketch: I also finally started with my portfolio website! http://tomaszmikrut.pl
  4. miwt1

    My Car Design Sketches

    Four minutes evening sketch...
  5. miwt1

    My Car Design Sketches

    Hello ANOOP0487;) First of all i would like to please you to exchange your pics on the links! Ok lets back to the sketches. I think that you should try to make your sketches more lightness, just enable to move your hands by immagination. Dont focus on each line to connect it correctly to another one! Enable your sketch to live... The second think is the idea, proportion and perspective. Its difficult to learn this kind of things. Sometimes it brings months or even years. The best way to improve that kind of skills is just drawing, drawing and one more time drawing! Search tutorials, look at sketches another people and try to make best design you can. But remember, dont copy, close your eyes but open the immagination;) Cordially invite to my: Car Design Blog YouTube channel Car Design Club
  6. miwt1

    My Car Design Sketches

    The main competitor of BMW Q6 is coming soon!
  7. miwt1

    My Car Design Sketches

    Hello guys, nice to see you again! I havent been here so long but its the past now! Lets begin that thread again! At the begining some fast random Audi sketches...
  8. miwt1

    Car Design Club

    Hello! I would like to invite everybody to my Car Design Club. The main purpose of that pages is to create a community of people who love and interest in cars and car design. Car Design Club on Facebook Car Design Club on YouTube Please feel free to click the button "like it" and join to my fanpage. Enjoy and have fun.
  9. Welcome to my profile ;)

  10. miwt1

    My Car Design Sketches

    thank you guys for comments, im really happy that you like it in near future i will try to post here tutorial to show you my way of putting colours, shadows etc. Crit7171- personally i really dont like these sketches, that was begining of my desig way, ofcourse you can say that technique looks quite good, but not for me and the second reason is that design looks really ugly but if you like this kind of sketches i did one for you
  11. miwt1

    My Car Design Sketches

    sketches for fun
  12. miwt1

    My Car Design Sketches

    bowlofnoodle-thx for opinion...soon will begin an internships at PSA design centre soo what can i tell...dream begins satisfy Paul Beckett-thx for opinion...yea exactly rims are thing with which i have big troubles during drawing...this is reason why i usually dont do exact rims but only somoething what is similar to them. snugja-thx
  13. miwt1

    My Car Design Sketches

    thx for opinion
  14. miwt1


    nothing has changed you still keep level soo high...very good sketches

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