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  1. roelontwerpt

    High Speed Train

    I guess Paul Priestman is reading this blog as well:
  2. roelontwerpt

    My Entry For The International Bicycle Design Competition

    Quite a old topic, but it is relevant again. I sent this entry again for the 2010 ibdc, and to my own suprise, I reached the final 21 this time. Part of the second round was building a model, and the 21 scale models were shown on the International bike show in Taiwan. Sadly, I did not win a prize in the final round. Here are the final 21 bikes, http://www.ibdcaward.org/ehtml/history/index.aspx and here some images from my entry
  3. roelontwerpt

    What Car Is This?

    To be honest, naming your JPG file oldsanthem.jpg kind of spoiled the fun for me :whistle:
  4. roelontwerpt

    Saab Concept

    Maybe I should explain my intention a bit better. The pictures I made are just a rough sketch, a startpoint. I hope to get some feedback on that and maybe some original ideas that I can use to make the design better. >Phart, that's exactly what I was thinking, but hey, form follows function!
  5. roelontwerpt

    Saab Concept

    As most of you will know, Saab has been taken over by the tiny dutch company Spijker, and the big man of Spijker has indicated that some new models will be launched in the coming years, that will have the feeling of the 'old' Saab models of the past. Something else is that new inventions for better cars are shown all the time, but a lot of these ideas never make it to production vehicles. I've taken a first shot at it, based on a very streamlined honda, http://www.aerocivic.com/. Maybe something else that can be used is a golfball like surface like http://www.yourdiscovery.com/video/mythbusters-dimpled-car/ So, what should the new Saab look like and what inventions could be incorperated in this car?
  6. roelontwerpt

    High Speed Train

    Thanks for all your replies. thinking about it and reading makes me think that the initial solution was not the most optimal, but I am still convinced that a solution in that direction could really shorten the train trip times. Looking at the youtube clip makes me understand why everybody is so concerned about the safety but I must say I really like it!
  7. roelontwerpt

    High Speed Train

    I watched the discovery program nextworld about high speed trains, and that made me think about the following idea. Amsterdam and Paris are now connected by the high speed train thalys, the distance is about 500 km, the train travels at 300 km/h and it still takes more than 4 hours! Obviously this is because of all the stops and that's where some real travel time reduction can be accomplished. What if you would have a High speed train that goes directly from Amsterdam to Paris, and a Transfer shuttle that goes from city to city, getting people on and off the high speed train inbetween the cities. The High speed train would have to slow down to 120 km'h, drive next to the Transfer shuttle, a connection would be made and people would get on and of in about 4 minutes, the trains disconnect, the Transfer shuttle drives to the next city, and the High speed train would accelerate to 300 km/h again. This way, it should be able to travel from Amsterdam to Paris in under 2 hours, I'd like to hear your opinions about it! here a first (very) rough sketch, just to illustrate the idea for everyone who is bored by all the text above
  8. roelontwerpt

    Tilting Car/motorcycle Hybrid

    Well, I guess it's a pretty realistic concept, Check out this website: http://www.lumeneo.fr/welcome.html It looks 'a lot' like what I've come up with. Its even fully electric! Check it out vander, they even drive around in the same environment as we have used for our renderings! Phart, Tilting cars and trikes have been around for a while http://www.maxmatic.com/ttw_moto.htm but as far as I know, the Carver is the only one that is succesfull and in production (apart from 3 wheel motorbikes like the MP3) retrospec, I used solidworks, and the photview 360 program, Its pretty limited in options, but the rendering results are pretty good. vander, I agree you see a lot of these concepts, but it looks that more concepts like this make it into production lately. I think I do agree on the tandem design. I like the solution (1+1) of the lumeneo concept where you can convert the luggage space into a seat.
  9. roelontwerpt

    Tilting Car/motorcycle Hybrid

    thanks for the comments, I agree, 600mm is pretty narrow. It would work for me but I am not that wide myself. I don't know what a crazy weight system would look like. It would work in a similar way as the MP3 scooter, Carver 'car' or the motorbike prototype mentioned in my first post. Here some final renderings, please let me know what you think of it!
  10. roelontwerpt

    Tilting Car/motorcycle Hybrid

    here a update:
  11. Hi everyone, seeing this very cool tilting motorcycle prototype, that can be driven with a car driving licence (!), made me think about how my ideal transportation solution would be for a daily commute of about 45 minutes through heavy traffic. I tried to combine the best of both worlds, narrow enough to drive inbetween cars in a traffic jam (about 600mm wide), but with all the comfort of a conventional car. Streamlined and fully electric, environmently friendly and cheap to drive. Just a rough sketch yet, let me know what you think of it!
  12. roelontwerpt

    Skimmer Ground Effect Plane

    Wing shape and size is determined mainly by looking at comparable aircraft like: http://dynlab.mpe.nus.edu.sg/mpelsb/aeg/wigid/index.html http://www.ghdstudios.com/radacraft/rcraft.html http://www.se-technology.com/wig/html/main...=0&craft=45 the skimmer is designed to be a type B wig: WIG boat with the capability to temporarily increase its flying height beyond the extent of ground effect. It cannot maintain flight without ground effect, kinetic energy (speed) is converted into potential energy (height). Moving your weight backwards will move the cg backwards. The lift will increase and the flight height will temporarily be increased. Maybe manufacturing is not the right term. What I ment to say was that the whole concept makes much more sense now. I'll try to upload more pics and info later. thanks for all the feedback, its really helpfull!
  13. roelontwerpt

    Skimmer Ground Effect Plane

    thanks for your reactions Airfoil design of ground effect planes is not really like normal planes, for who is interested, lots of info about wig technology can be found here: http://www.se-technology.com/wig/index.php The 2 horizontal tail sections are used for steering and controlling, together with shifting your weigh from let to right. I agree, the transitions are a bit sharp. The design is something that definitely needs finetuning. The grill is a safety feature to prevent limbs and hands from beeing chopped to pieces by the fan behind it. Manufacuring improvement is that now there is only 1 fan and engine, that are directly mounted to each other. These components are placed in line under the pilot and easy reachable for for assembly and maintanence. The CG is a bit in front of the pilot, a prototype could learn more about the correct aerodynamic layout. The controls are steering and leaning for left and right turn, a throttle mounted on the steer for accellerating, and leaning front and back to go up and down when in flight. I agree, the first design looks better, for this design, I've put more effort in engineering than in designing.
  14. roelontwerpt

    Skimmer Ground Effect Plane

    Transport mode
  15. roelontwerpt

    Skimmer Ground Effect Plane

    Here a update, after a long time.. I've been in contact with different experts and the design has been improved on aero- and hydro-dynamics. The most important improvement is that on the manufacturability. It now uses a single engine and more stock parts can be used. The outer part of the wings are detachable for easy transport. The craft is still steered by shifting your body weight and moving the tail flaps.

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