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  1. e_boy

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    design by ehsan shabanian ....
  2. e_boy

    My Solidworks Model Portfolios

    yes friend they are all render....i think theyre not really perfect... with maxwell we can creat real render....i try to learn maxwell.... but the photo view 360 is not bad,,,,
  3. e_boy

    My Solidworks Model Portfolios

    modeling and design by Ehsan shabanian model with solidworks render with photoview
  4. e_boy

    My Solidworks Model Portfolios

    Chandelier by ehsan shabanian model in solidworks 2010 render whit photoview 360
  5. e_boy

    My Solidworks Model Portfolios

    modeling whit solidwork and render whit photoview 360...
  6. e_boy

    My Solidworks Model Portfolios

    i usually don`t render whit solid works. i render whit photoview or keyshot...and i like to learn render whit maxwell maxwell work whit SW too.and it`s a very nise engin render
  7. this model design by farzad barkhordary and me modeling from blueprint modelt whit solidwork 2010 render whit photoview
  8. e_boy


    hello to all person. my name is ehsan shabanian i`m 24 yers old and i`m ejucated in mechanik in ghazvin university (qiau) in iran i`m interested modeling in solidworks....

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