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  1. tomshirleydesign

    What Is Controversial Design?

    If by controversial design you mean design that runs counter to modern design trends then design that includes heavy ornamentation and superfluous detailing could be considered controversial. You could also look at design that is counter to social or cultural norms...for example products that uses animal furs and wasteful manufacturing techniques or tackles sensitive norms like sex. For a product example, I've always thought Memphis as a design style is quite controversial as it runs counter to modern design trends, too garish, too much superfluous detail etc.
  2. Researching and listening to the Daft Punk Tron soundtrack, nothing like a good epic movie soundtrack to help get me through a 200 page research document on commuting in London!:)

    1. streamliner


      Ya that’s a good tune.

  3. Hi, I'm a Product Designer based in the UK. It's hard to find like-minded creative peeps so look forward to getting stuck into competitions and debates when I find time! :)

  4. Hi, I'm planning on going back to Uni after a few years working in graphic and furniture design and wondering if the Brunel masters course is a good option? I'd ideally like to build a good Product Design portfolio and also get work experience to give me the best oppertunity to get a ID job when I leave. Close connections to industry are also really important to me as I want to be working on live projects and doing work experience with top design companies. Does anyone have any info about course / modules / projects etc? Any advice is much appreciated! Cheers, tom

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