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  1. Cristhian

    Please Help Me To Improve My Portfolio!

    wow Brendan i think you're right, i will try to fix that and remove some blocks of text, i think that i made this mistake because i don't want to focus my portfolio on the things i do. i want to showcase my workflow and my problem solving skills rather than some product concepts. thanks for you feedback!!
  2. the tooth brush support is a nice idea but it is not well integrated with the rest of the concept. Maybe you can improve the concept by repeating that feature .
  3. Cristhian

    'pik Me' Salt And Pepper Shakers

    very nice! it reminds me a little bet to "camila's hug" by Alberto Mantilla
  4. Cristhian

    Please Help Me To Improve My Portfolio!

    thanks!! i pay close attention to your comment, i try to show in my portfolio a sort of thinking process for every project, its kind of hard find pictures of those rough sketches and mockups but i try to put that to, thanks again!
  5. Cristhian

    Citrus Juicer

    i think i like the overall concept...it would be nice to see the shape exploration, i think you can improve a little bet the semiotics in this, it would be nice if the product express its function in a much active way.
  6. Cristhian

    Miau! Ironing Table

  7. Cristhian

    Miau! Ironing Table

  8. Cristhian

    Miau! Ironing Table

    Some guy told me that designing an ironing table won't get me a job at Silicon Valley ,now i want to hear what other jobs i won't get from you...last time i check designers were able to work in any kind of product related projects.
  9. Cristhian

    Neomed: Perfusion System

    yeah, the main goal was to create a single system that could be easy to transport, i try to reduce that intimidating look from the front view ,showing only the necesary elements, but yeah it's a bit scary from the back view, thanks for your opinion!!
  10. Cristhian

    Neomed: Perfusion System

  11. Cristhian

    Neomed: Perfusion System

    Hey this is a project that i made in 2009, plese check it and tell me what you think!
  12. Designer's cut....

  13. Hey guys i just finished my first portfolio, please give me some feedback, so far, some friendas had told me that it has too much text...am i including too many details?? what do you think?? please help me! http://issuu.com/steech/docs/cristhianserranoportfolio

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