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  1. Hi Guys! We are offering a Free desk for a freelance designer at our 3D print studio on Brick Lane in exchange for 10 hours work a month - that's about 2 hours a week! Here is a basic page with the office and facilities - www.mak3d.com This is limited to 2 months to start with, but could go on if it works - this is more of an experiment! You will be able to carry on your job as a freelancer, but with the benefit of having a top of the range 3D printer next to you and use of a 3d scanner as well. Basically no lead times and cheaper rates too, as well as free desk, internet and like minded company. Also, if you do more than your 10 hours, you will be paid. I run 3dprintuk (www.3dprint-uk.co.uk) and have freelance jobs almost every day that I cannot complete. I'm looking to get a designer in so that they can help me out in return for me helping them out. These projects are varied, awesome and bizarre sometimes, and range from personal projects to major globally recognized brands as well as TV and film. I want someone in house as this is the best way to get things done quickly. We have high speed internet, the bagel shop opposite, other 3D designers, 3D printer and 3D scanner, and loads of fun stuffs! We are looking for someone who works with solidworks or similar to do more technical design rather than digital sculpting on 3Dsmax or alike, but all may be considered - it more about having a can do attitude! Please let me know if you are interested by email only - nick@3dprint-uk.co.uk We have some people interested already so be quick! In the email, please include a link to some of your work - this is important as we will not consider anyone without a portfolio! Please note that this is not a job, more of a freelance opportunity! Looking forward to hearing from you
  2. Appalling Sales email from Chinese computer company I received this morning: 'Dear Sir, How are you? Wish you had a good business!Enclosed is our latest tablet pc catalogue with price-list. I'd like to share it with you. If you have any interest, pls feel free to contact me! Thanks!Yours sincerely, Denny'No thanks Denny

  3. Who's giving up booze for lent then?

  4. Just watched zookeeper. Best film of 2012

  5. Wooden neck tie. bought.

  6. is the owner of a sick HP Envy. boom!

  7. Hey - one of my clients is called 'Chris P Mann'

  8. Got home last night after a lads night out only to find that Amy's floral scarf had got caught up in my scarf when I left and had been around my neck on display all night, i was oblivious to the situation.

  9. rememeber that advert about pirate dvd's that used to be at the begining of rental DVD's that said 'you wouldn't steal a car....' Well I just did. I downloaded a car off the new piratebay section for 3D models.

  10. Enter validation code by completing this simple sum:8+1= ?9Wrong validation code.What/why?

  11. Yet another change of plan...... not moving to London until May at the earliest so plans on hold...
  12. Amy: 'Nick, can you pass and plug in my phone charger please?' whilst in the bath. Classic suicide in the making.

  13. Sorry London, you're gonna have to wait a few months, I'm just not quite there yet.

  14. Just lost 3 years no claims bonus for tapping the back of another car. gaydar.


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