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  1. JoeMattley

    Another 'what Am I Doing Wrong' Portfolio And Cv

    Hi, I'll start off with the CV, and please, don't take this as harsh, it's intended to be advice in order for you to get a job The CV, is like reading an essay. Use bullet points, it breaks things up a bit, only highlight your key skills, skills which your future employer would want to see. Remove "Martin Harwood, Curricular Vitae", we know it's a CV you've told me your attaching it! This paragraph is very, generic. I know you went to university, you've told me You want this to be no more than 4 lines, telling me what skills you have and what you can offer me. Tell me if you have those mechanical skills, concept skills etc. Tell me about your design skills, time keeping and being passionate I can get from reading through your CV and looking at your portfolio. Your a designer, maybe try a new approach and think outside the business box. Think outside what is normal for a CV. You have 8 seconds to get someones attention, or it is going in the bin/not being printed out. The role I am in currently, someone sent a CV similar to that (wasn't yours) and because we couldn't find the skills we wasn't interested. I have done a quick Google search to bring up some other design CVs, have a look at them, and take ideas from them to make your CV more snappy and jumpy! http://www.embryo.ie/cv/documents/CV%20-%20Ian%20Walton.pdf http://media.smashingmagazine.com/images/design-cv-resume/chris_spooner.jpg http://s3images.coroflot.com/user_files/individual_files/original_377035_oYelt7uWI6WA6f9c0Xd1afEVT.jpg If you have to compete with ones with colour, and broken up nicely, then your going to struggle. Best bet is, go back to the drawing board, you have all the information you need to make your CV.
  2. JoeMattley

    Graduate Portfolio

    I think my portfolio website must've done something right, I got my current job (first design job) from my employers searching Google! So, it must've worked!
  3. JoeMattley

    Portfolio - Where Am I Going Wrong?

    Website is a nice layout, and the projects on there look good. However, to really aid you do you have a version of your portfolio that you send to employers to get an interview? And do you send your CV to them as well? I've found that many people fail to remember that the CV is just as important as the portfolio, and you need to make your skills jump out, if you have 10 years of experience but have to make the person hiring you work to find the skills you've gained, then you won't get the interview. If you post the PDF verision/portfolio you send in the format they see it. That will help more!
  4. JoeMattley


    FREEcharge is a kinetic energy charger designed to power products such as mobile phones and digital cameras. It is designed to be attached to a bag or belt/clothing. The idea is that it would come in a range of colours, not just yellow. It is aimed at hikers, campers and festival goes. It works by using a powerful sliding magnet and 2500 turn copper coil in a solenoid arrangement to generate electricity. This was a project I did in my third year at university, at the time, I was not a fan. The idea behind the project was to create something which would work in the real world, that was showed behind various different methods of working out how to charger, strapping it to my leg and using electricity testing equipment to see how much electricity the method generated. The best method was copper coil and a sliding magnet, this created enough charge to top up your phone. It would be ideal for people who walk in the outdoors and campers. I am fully away that it is a VERY crowded market. I have recently spoken to various people who work within the industry at New Designers (just ended, in London) which my graduation project was at, who have told me the product is very well thought out and it would work in the real world, which is always nice! The name is not very 'innovative' neither is the logo, but I am a product designer not a graphic designer/marketeer. As always, I love hearing comments, both good and bad. My weakness is explaining my projects. You can see more images on my Coroflot and Behance I plan on uploading more renders shortly.
  5. JoeMattley

    Graduate Portfolio

    www.joemattleydesign.co.uk is my new site. I have tried to make it user friendly. Some of the work I am not allowed to show due to it being owned by another company. Let me know your thoughts. Joe.
  6. JoeMattley

    Graduate Portfolio

    Thanks mate, checked your work out on Coroflot, looks good!
  7. JoeMattley

    Wave - Secure Modular Bicycle Parking

    Thanks for the comments everyone, I probably should have explained the design a bit more. Just a quick point with the swing down lock, you can't see it very well on the exploded diagram, but there is a spring assist inside the hinges using a powerful torsion spring to give the harness almost a neutral weight. As for the old people using the design, my view is, you can't please everyone with design, if you try, it becomes a compromise (therefore rubbish) and as it is aimed at commuters, old people that can't manoeuvre a bike probably wouldn't be using it.
  8. JoeMattley

    Bicycle Parking Design

    Thanks for all the comments guys, sorry about delays too! I've now finished the project and the finished piece can be seen here: http://www.productdesignforums.com/topic/12949-wave-secure-modular-bicycle-parking/ As for cost, I've worked it out and it'll be about £550 per bike. This is based on costing from various material websites, tooling and the cost of labour per module as such. This is actually cheaper then the nearest product on the market (bike lockers) which cost between £600 - 1100. I went with the expanded steel mesh which is sprayed with fibre glass, going with the 'out of site, out of mind view' rather then having mesh which preying eyes could see! Thanks!
  9. This is final piece of university work, I have posted it on my BEhance, Coroflot and my blog (work in progress in terms of a online portfolio) What does everyone think? (Not much I can do about terms of improvement for this project, but for future ones!) I have estimated the rough cost per bicycle for your 'average' install (9 bikes, 1 parking space). The cost would be £550 per bicycle, compared with the cost of it's nearest product on the market, a bicycle locker, which costs £600 - 1100 and these take up more space.
  10. JoeMattley

    Graduate Portfolio

    Hi guys, I've just put together the first version of my graduate portfolio and any feedback or ideas would be greatly appreciated. It's only a rough version in low res (for upload speed). Linky Cheers guys, much appreciated.
  11. JoeMattley

    Bicycle Parking Design

    Cheers mate, it's only quick sketch cad, I'm working on the final ones now. As for the elderly cyclist, I'm guessing people that are too elderly to wheel their bike round wouldn't be riding it? I don't know many elderly people, so I could be wrong! I'm going with the approach that no matter how inclusive a design is, there's always a minority you can't please without the inclusive design going a bit silly. I'd say it was a compromise between space efficiency and the issue you just described. As it is aimed at commuters and casual cyclists (who would probably not be riding around on their heavy downhill bike), I'm going with the general assumption (that's backed up) that people wouldn't have massively heavy bikes and could handle them. The rail should help a bit with getting the bike upright too. Would you say you have any preference between the 2 designs? Just in an aesthetic sense, let's use the assumption they're both just as durable and functional etc. Cheers dude!!
  12. JoeMattley

    Bicycle Parking Design

    I saw it briefly in my research a while ago, I was a bit annoyed when I did actually as before I started the project, it's the kind of thing I imagined first!! Concept 1 is really an evolution of concept 2. Now it just looks like I've copied that guy!
  13. JoeMattley

    Bicycle Parking Design

    I also forgot to mention that both designs are symetrical so bikes go in from both ends.
  14. JoeMattley

    Bicycle Parking Design

    Hi guys, I've got some quick solidworks models here of some urban bike parking. The idea is to protect against vandalism and theft of parts. The main body, the wavey bit will be made from a glass reinforced composite (the composite been expanded steel). All locking components will use galvanised steel. Here's some pics: Concept 1 uses a roller coaster style harness to secure the bike with a spring to assist the lifting of the harness. and then concept 2, uses a gate. Both concept use the cyclists own D-lock, although I'll probably incorporate other locks like pad-locks. I'm also considering using a coin payment method, which when entered, allows the lock bolt to slide giving one lock and unlock cycle. Hopefully this would prevent people from leaving their locks there. I was originally going to use an electronic system to lock the design, but decided to go for a purely mechanical design to keep costs down, but also because I didn't want the thing having to be wired into the national grid. Any thoughts or suggestions dudes? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, cheers guys!

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