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  1. Hello, Me and my buddy and classmate have created an ABC watch and would love some feedback! The target group is adventure seekers, military personnel and generally sporty people. But of course, all watch-o-files are welcome! The watch is a massive 50 millimeters, it's a solar/quartz movement and for this concept, is made from polymers. Any and all comments are appreciated! Best Regards, ZexeL
  2. Cpt_Mar: Thank you for your reply! I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and get on with it! Hopefully I'll be able to put all the knowledge I'm now cramming into my head to good use further down the road! Again, thank you for a quick and fair reply! Regards, ZexeL
  3. Hi all! For my following question I'd like it if only professional active designers answered, I know this may sound harsh or like I'm being overly selective, but hear me out. I'm studying design at University level in Sweden, right now we're taking courses involving "Materials Science & Engineering", "Production Engineering" etc. Now, this sounds fine, at least it did to me when I first found out we were taking these classes, but the professors go into such detail and down to atomic level, it feels more like I'm taking chemistry or advanced math/engineering than design. A few classes ago the professor was discussing "cutting angles of lathe blades". The only explanation to why we are taking courses that go into these subjects we've received is: "it's good for you to have an idea about these things". I do agree with this to some extent, but I'd rather put time into courses in 3D rendering, model building, advanced hand sketching/rendering etc. I might be approaching this all wrong, so that's why I'm posting this as a question to you active professionals out there: Do you as active designers calculate cutting angles, decide what kind of alloys to use, discuss what type of beams to use and what thickness the steel should be? As I said, since I do not know how a designer in the field works nowadays, I'm asking you. Thankful for answers. Best Regards, ZexeL
  4. Hey all! I know I'm not the greatest in rendering, some of you who roam these forums are shere wizards when it comes to rendering, please, help me become somewhat good at this! Here's a concept attached for you to comment on. All help and constructive critisism is most welcome! /ZexeL
  5. ZexeL

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    Hi all! Here's a concept Audi I drew two years ago, I just now did it in PS, will do a render as time passes... I know it looks like the R8 or the other concept they've got, but in my defence I did this one before both of those where preseted!
  6. ZexeL

    Clothes Logo Design

    I'll do like this instead, but I'm sure you'll get the point... =) /ZexeL
  7. Hi all! I've designed a logo for my schools sailing club, and in the club we've talked about producing some clothes, this is the design we've (I) come up with! Please give comments on how you think it looks, both the design of the clothes and the design of the advert itself! /Regards, ZexeL PS. Something is f***ed up with the attachment thingy, I can't attach anything....
  8. Hey Parel! Wow, a big thanks to you for putting in the effort of re-rendering my sketch! This will surely help me to become better at rendering in PS. The sketch you've produced is much more "alive", however, some parts could have been toned downed a bit, the wheels for example, they almost look floppy and loose in some disturbing way... But the rest is just phenomenal! I see you've re-done the shape of the roof a bit as well, looks better! I thank you again for putting in such effort in this matter, really appreciate it! How do you like the design of the car, regardless of my half-ass rendering?! =) Regards, ZexeL
  9. ZexeL

    Motorcycle Rendering Tutorial for Photoshop

    Well, thank you Renzsu! Now all I have to do is read the tutorial and start practising! Also many thanks for letting me know by the tread in which I asked about this before! =) /ZexeL
  10. ZexeL

    Members Card Idea!

    Tnx for giving an answer! I really appreciate it! =) Well, you see Renzsu, the two middle images ARE already combined, the top blue one is the FRONT of the members card, and the one below it is the back... see?! I'll see what to do, I'm currently working on one more design, I'll present this on Tuesday so, we'll see what the others of the club have to say! =) /ZexeL
  11. Hi all! I've taken the task of designing the members card and logo for a amateur sailing club of my shcool (merchant maritime academy). I've come up with some ideas, but I have a hard time choosing! Could you bright people please help me with some constructive critisism?! One is more "racing" and the other is more of a "classic" theme... I dunno, just state your opinion! BTW; the logo will be the same general design as the members card. Regards/ ZexeL The order is f***ed up... I have no idea of how to fix this, well, I guess you see what belongs to what... image 1 is the front of card 1 and image 4 is the back of card 1. Image 2 is the front of card 2 and image 3 is the back of c.2... ¬¬
  12. ZexeL

    First Ps Render

    If you've rendered the phone on the left from scratch, that's impressive for a first timer! Me myself have attempted a PS render for the first time, and the result was, well... not brilliant. But hey, practice makes perfect! But you seem to have a better hang on this than me, so, well, it was good man, what can I say?! =) Since I'm not a pro I cann't really say what you should or shouldn't do, but it's always nice to get a comment, right?! /ZexeL
  13. ZexeL

    Show us your wheels

    Wheels you say hu?! Well, papa just got himself a new couple of wheels so here goes! /ZexeL
  14. ZexeL

    Car Sketches

    Hey Zendo! The one in the middle is my favourite! That one has the most correct perspective and it's design is the one that appeals to me the most. I'm not a pro, not even a fairly good car-sketcher, but try to take these things in steps, as mentioned here before. I know, one wants to go right for the real thing, but It'll be more fun to sketch when you realize that you're able to play more with your drawings! I too should probably practise more one perspective drawing, it's harder to master than you think! =) Anyway, keep it up, one day it'll just say "plopp" and you have your own style developed! Regards, ZexeL
  15. And now with wheels/rims! I took some existing rims of a photo i found on the internet and scaled the rims of that car to fit my scetch. Looks better in my opinion. /ZexeL

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