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  1. NVA

    Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Rabbit

    looks awesome and well detailed ... i have been thinking of a simple clean car design to be built in solidworks for a while too ... but laziness and a busy schedule at work gets the best of me :/ .... but great work man NerVous
  2. Hey guys .... I have just got done with Uni and have been setting up my Portfolio for the last week .... i would love to hear what you guys think about it as it would help me better the Folio.... Please have a look peeps ... Coroflot : http://www.coroflot.com/NITHIN88 Behance : http://www.behance.net/nvadesigns Please have a look and let me know what needs improvement guys ...
  3. Hi FusionMark yeah .... i get the point .... it was a quick 4 day project and i saw your video and i learned a lot... like how to start as a single part and export it as different part .. i made everything as individual parts from start ... that ate up a lot of my brain ..... Im currently working on a motorcycle .... ill follow your technique and i will keep u posted on it ... thanks heaps
  4. NVA

    Fusionweld 2012 Chopper

    Sweet.... Solidworks in the way to go man .... i use solidworks over most of the other softwares almost all the time ..... and u rendered in photoview ?? i kinda had a quick 4 day project where i designed a bicycle in solidworks ..... and then took it up to 3ds max and rendered it with vray .... the results come out well ... http://www.productdesignforums.com/topic/13528-bicycle-design-for-indian-teenagers-2020/ do have a look and let me know what i could improve on please
  5. NVA

    Fusionweld 2012 Chopper

    Looks good .. ... what software did you do the bike on ? The single piece housing and tank looks nice like the idea of having brake lights on the exhaust ..... and u missed out the indicators(or was in intentional? ) ... u could make them in some funky sleek design ... sweet work anyways man
  6. NVA

    Hello Everyone, Feedback On My Portfolio, Please.

    the process u've shown there is awesome ... ive been told that companies look out for the process .... they say it shows them your working style .... well im still a student and i dunno if i can be a judge here .... but i found it awesome .... not too flashy and colorful but then again it grabs attention ... good stuff
  7. NVA

    Lambert Designs

    The hand made cabinet looks awesome .... love how the legs diverge into the sides .... some awesome work there man ..... keep doing well all the best
  8. Hey guys .... ive always wanted to post my work here for a while ... been a member for a long time and always have been looking around all the awesome work everyone has been posting ... This was a quick bicycle that i designed for a competition ..... was a pretty quick job ... took like a week to get it done .... The brief was to design a bicycle for the indian teenage market of the year 2020 ... i had to study the current scenario and trends and come up with a scenario for the year 2020 as well and keep. Trend mapping and mindsets were the important aspects i looked into. So please do have a loook and do let me know as to what u think ... and yeah please comment onto what i would probably need to improve on too kind regards [ The font may be really small but it was supposed to be an A3 print. I put them down it according to that ] Thats the Scenario building part .... Renders showing how the bicycle is to look .. some of the areas and parts explained
  9. NVA

    Power Lines Lamps Design

    Simple and nice .... i had a similar idea ..... usin cane ....... looks awesome man ....
  10. NVA

    Adaptive Led Lighting

    LEDs .. nice .... nice concept ... ... sounds interesting .... hoping to see a working model ... good luck dude

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