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  1. I am trying to configure my drawing titleblock. Is there a way of opening a drawing template, Importing my part, and see the title block filled in (included dynamic text eg materials)? It seems that I have to go into properties and set the data fields (in drawing and part) every single time I import a new part. What I want to do is set a master template, so every time I drop a part into the drawing - the drawing block shows all the info to that part. I dont want to reconfigure my properties every time I load a new drawing. Is there a way of doing this?
  2. voodoo

    Fabric Animation

    I need to animate a foldable chair with a canvas seat. Is there a way of modelling fabric in SW - then manipulating it in animator? Just imagine a deck chair and how the fabric folds. I doubt if SW can do this, but if anyone could come up with any leftfield ideas on how to do this. Cheers
  3. I have a small static assembly of 3 parts that needs to be FEA. I noticed that simulationXpress doesnt cater for assemblies. So I tried to save the assy as 1 part. Whether I saved it as a sldprt or iges, Solidworks generates multibodies of various kinds. I want just 1 solid body to work on in SW. Any advice on how to this guys?
  4. voodoo


    Can anyone give me some advice. I have got a large assy and want to animated it. But I get errors on there not being enough memory. This is when I am manipulating the model in animation - thats before I have rendered it! I have a 4gb quad Pentium. Windows 7. Best performance enabled. And tonnes of HD space. I have enabled the performance sliders to best within SW2010. Is there a way to supress the features so I just have the finished model. I dont need to edit it - I just want to rotate the @#$@#$ thing! The large assy has been enabled. I have enabled everything to lightweight but still giving me problems.
  5. How do I import a M6x50 caphead screw in Solidworks? In toolbox the defaults only go upto 30mm on most small screws. Is there a way to alter the length easily within toolbox rather than changing the part directly? Also, is there a larger toolbox database/design library to download or is the one in 2010 the only ones?
  6. voodoo

    Solidworks Mates

    I have a large assembly model with many parts and mates. There are 4 or 5 specific mates that I need to access and adjust to show the client the models movement. I dont want to trawl through hundreds of mates to access the specific ones. Is there a shortcut I can link to the mates so I can access them quickly through the main feature manager, rather than going through the submenus?
  7. voodoo

    Solidworks Animation

    I hope it does not use the same design characteristics as mine & is just an upgrade of an existing model. My product is finally being launched at the mobility show in Peterborough on July 1st. Please see www.jouleflowdesigns.com for a different approach to collapsible wheelchair design. Its okay your patent is safe
  8. My client wants an rendered animation of an collapsible wheelchair. I have modeled the components in solidworks but am thinking of doing a professional rendering animation in 3DS. I am more comfortable creating the animation steps within SW. Then I know all the parts interact with each other. Is it feasible to do the animation steps (keyframes et al) within SW and exporting the model complete with animation settings to 3DS? Then using the rendering engine of 3DS to make it look as professional as possible.
  9. I am researching into collapsable furniture and need some examples of hinged joints for round 1/2inch-inch bar. I have come across this site: http://www.tubeandbracket.com/the-product/leantek-components I am especially interested lockable hinges and telescopic tubing. Any of you guys dealt with hinged aliminium/plastic tubing?
  10. I have the full version of SW2010 and have imported the assy files created in Solidworks2010 educational version created by a uni colleague. When I import an assy file it warns me that it is for educational perposes only and when I modify the assy file and try to save it - it will not let me. It this another example of SW not being compatible with other versions? I always new it wasnt backwards compatible with earlier yearly versions, but not with the same year products! Anyone help?
  11. Hi guys, I need some of your technical wisdom/help I am designing a collapsible baby buggy and I am trying to design the handles that pivot inwards and lock together, Could you guys help me in deciding what method I should pivot and lock the handles together? The structure is made from aluminium tubing. here are the pics:- any help would be appreciated guys
  12. I am currently running a Solidworks project that involves 40+ seperated drawings. In the past my projects have been sufficiently small enough for me not to worry about drawing etiquette I am finding my time is spent manually updating title blocks and bill of materials. Its a pain in the arse to be honest and I am sure there is a way of automatically handling the project more efficiently. How should I name my parts in the proper manner. At the moment I just name them spring_1, spigot_a, washer_a etc... When it comes to updating the BOM, I have to update everything - description, material, drg no, qty etc... Where do I update the parts list so all the drawing block is properly automatically updated. Is there a way of linking the title block with an excel BOM for example? This is a great time to learn how to make SW more efficient and make my life easier for me. Any input in how you guys do it will be of interest. Regards, voodoo
  13. I have pin that travels along a recess in a frame and then drops down to lock in to place. I can add a tangent mate on the pin and channel or a distance mate, so it looks like the pin is travelling down the channel in a staight line. But how can I get the pin to fall down the recesses into lock position? Here is a pic any help guys?
  14. voodoo

    2d To 3d Sketch

    Is it possible to convert a 2d sketch into a 3d sketch. The model I want to alter is a chainlink file I downloaded from solidworkscentral and it involves the crvpattern command of which I am unfamiliar. See file: http://www.3dcontentcentral.com/download-m...1&id=13156# What I need is to change the 2d sketch path into a 3d sketch path. So the individual chain links follow a xyz path instead of an xy path. Any help guys?
  15. I use sw2010 at home and 2009 at work. I presume sw is not backwards compatable like previous versions. Is there a way of loading 2010 files into 2009?

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