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  1. Just checked in @ Gcorp Mall, Pune, India http://ovi.me/2g7Hg

  2. Ian Crasta

    Software For Automobile Modelling

    ok, thank you.
  3. I want to take up a project which involves modelling the body of a car. What software would be the best option for it in terms of timetaken and ease of use? Also, what softwares are usually used for automobile modelling? Thank you!
  4. Just restored your post history

  5. Ian Crasta

    Alias Design Tutorials

    Could someone point me to a bunch of Alias Design 2010 (or newer) tutorials. I'm familiar with Rhino, SolidEdge, Inventor and 3DsMax so I don't think I would need to start from the basics. Thanks!
  6. I am using Inventor 2011 and I've seen that in this version they have added the Dynamic Input feature like that of AutoCAD. However I am not able to find a way of enabling the feature. Also, I cant find a way to enable the command line prompt like that of AutoCAD. I think both of these features are important and make working with the software very easy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Is there any way to convert a 3D model made in Rhino to an Engineering drawing in AutoCAD with hidden lines, center lines and all? Thank you.
  8. Ian Crasta

    3d Modelling Software

    ok thank you.
  9. Ian Crasta

    3d Modelling Software

    how is a surface modeler different from a solid modeler?
  10. Ian Crasta

    3d Modelling Software

    Yes, 1st year. I have started learning AutoCAD on my own. The uni will start teaching CAD in a few months. I am studying in India. Never heard of Pro E though. I tried using alias thinking it would have good controls and stuff, but its just the opposite. I guess I'll go with Solidworks. The more softwares you know, the better right?
  11. Ian Crasta

    3d Modelling Software

    I am currently studying Product Design. I want to start working with 3D models. So, which software should I start with? What softwares are used at the industry standard? Thank You.

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