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  1. Hello, I share this link because it could be very helpful and inspirational for other designers: designtoconnect.blogspot.com When you designing products, one of the returning issues is "How to join different parts and materials." Physical connections in products are very important, they influence the assembly and manufacturing, the aesthetics of a product, in some cases the usability and the disassembly of the product. Finding useful inspiration about different ways to join parts in products is very difficult. This is why I decided to setup a 'joining inspiration database': You can search on geometry, materials, functions or joining methods. The database already contains almost 600 examples. You always can send me interesting joining methods or products with an interesting joining solutions. I will put them to the database and share them with the community. If you have comments or remarks about it, let me now! Grtz T.
  2. Tore

    'join A Table'

    My name is Tore Bleuzé. I’m an industrial designer from Belgium and I’m working on a research/phd project called “design to connect” The ‘join a table’ case is a part of the “design to connect” project. Each time a table with the same basic shape is joined together using another detachable connection. The tables are made on scale with 3,5 mm multiplex using a laser cut process. The tables give an overview of sixteen different solutions for one problem. The different tables illustrate also the influence of the connections on different product properties like the personality of the table, the amount of parts, assembly process, product architecture ... This overview could also be an inspiration for other designers. More info, details and (high res) pictures could be found on this link: Design to connect The aim of the “design to connect” project is to support and inspire designers during the design of connections in products. Therefore different inspirational tools and cases are developed. Today, many products are made up of different materials to fulfill the increasing product requirements. Furthermore new (digital) fabrication processes are developed and widely accessible. Disassembly and recycling of products has an increasing importance for creating a sustainable future. When designers materialize a product idea, one of the core questions still remains; How to join the different parts? Design to Connect is a research project at Howest, Industrial Design Center (www.industrialdesigncenter.be) in association with Ghent University.

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