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  1. James T

    Product Design

    Fantastic stuff, great sketchwork exploring alternative approaches to the same brief. I'm very jealous!
  2. James T

    Portfolio Review

    126 views, no comments? I'd really appreciate another set of eyes on this JT
  3. James T

    Portfolio Review

    Hi all, I've just finished my degree at Loughborough University (last Friday!) and I've put together a portfolio for our upcoming degree show. http://www.coroflot.com/jamesterry/professional-portfolio Do any of you have any constructive comments or criticism for things that I should look to improve? Once I've got the portfolio nailed I'm going to sort out my presentation boards and business cards for the show in the same style. I will say already that there's very little sketching on show, and that's a conscious decision as I'm very poor at sketching. Thanks in advance, JT
  4. Hi JJ, Are the odds likely to improve after a few years' experience in the UK? I see your point, though it's the answer I was hoping not to receive. Did you chuck out Australia and Canada at random, or are those places specifically more receptive to foreign applications? I was under the impression that Australia was more stringent than anywhere else. I'd just like the opportunity to experience a different culture and see how design works outside the UK - I'm not set on the US but it'd be my first choice if I had the chance. Anyway, I guess that's the answer I'd always suspected but didn't want to hear.
  5. Hey all, please do me a favour and 'like' my image at the end of this link: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=153622928028978&set=a.153463348044936.30781.134330303291574&theater Winner gets a 6 month paid placement in California!

  6. James T

    Offsetting In Solidworks

    Easy: Do a move / copy body to duplicate the body. Shell the duplicated body to the required thickness. Do a second move / copy body to duplicate this shelled bit. Combine one of the shelled bodies with the original body using subtract to give the inner solid bit. You should now have one body which is the outer 'crust' and another body which is the inner solid. This can then be patterned to fill your volume (might be better done in your rendering software using instances etc.) Let me know if you get stuck
  7. Hi Waikit, thanks for a reply! I'm putting together my portfolio at the moment, I've been a bit swamped with an ambitious final major project but I'm hoping to get a chance to sort something out over Easter. So you'd recommend applying directly to positions overseas? I don't know how this would work in terms of interviews, etc. I guess nobody is likely to offer someone a job and go to the effort of sponsoring them for a visa without having met them in person? I don't know how the visa system works. From my initial browse, it looks like I'd have to be sponsored by a company offering me a job to be given a work visa, anyone know if this is accurate? I'm currently at Loughborough, which is pretty well-respected in the UK but I've no idea whether that reputation extends across the Atlantic. It just seems like I will be at a major disadvantage when applying for positions abroad as even less qualified but local applicants will be far less headache (and paperwork) for the employer. Anybody else have any thoughts?
  8. 131 views, anybody have any thoughts?
  9. Hey all, I'm a finalist on a Product Design and Technology course at a well-respected university in the UK, and I'd really like to work in the states once I graduate this summer. Does anybody have any advice about the best way to go about this? I'm looking for people in the same boat as me, or even better, people who've already made the jump and are working over in the US. Is it best to approach international companies that have offices overseas? Did you apply directly to design agencies based in the US? I'm not sure how to even get started. Any help would be greatly appreciated. JT

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