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  1. liori

    What Software Are Toy Designers Using?

    Hi again Bryan T-spline doesn't have the free form of a sculpting tool, but it's pretty close to that, and it's models are always water tight. You can divide a surface as many times as you want and make most of the effects you are looking for. Try looking for the extrude and crease tools of T-splines in YouTube and you'll see what I mean. Regarding the differences between SolidWorks and Rhino3D - the main difference is that SolidWorks is fully parametric, which means you cannot add a sketch somewhere in space but rather have to relate it to an axis or some other defined entity. This makes modelling harder in my opinion (especially if you're looking for fast modeling when your product isn't fully defined). On the other hand SolidWorks has great Plastic molding tools which will allow you to go into production directly. Good luck Lior
  2. liori

    What Software Are Toy Designers Using?

    Hi B Macneil Welcome to the forum. In the toy company that I was working for we used Pro-Engineer but as you said, it's pretty hard getting a really smooth organic surface with it. I think that your best choice would be to use the Tsplines Add-on on your rhino software. I have tried it a bit and it works great. You can convert files to STP from it. Another thing to think of - I'm pretty sure that some Action figures (the small ones that fit on pencils back for example) are not Computer designed, but are sculpted... If anyone knows differently I would be happy to hear. Sculpted figures are being produced in a different method which doesn't require Computer programming - maybe you should look into that. Lior
  3. If you're looking into modeling for Graphic use or STL models and not mass production, you can use Blender. It's an amazing open source software - check out www.blender.org Good luck
  4. Hi Make the center curve using the dots method you describe (I usually use a rectangle and then pick its' edges to draw the right curve). Then use the tool 'helix around curve' from the helix top menu. set the diameter and number of turns and you're done. see picture attached. Good luck
  5. liori

    3d Furnitures

    Hi Jack First of all - Nice Renders. A few remarks on them - The first chair doesn't look so comfortable. The angle of the upper cushion (is that how you spell it???) would seem to hurt the neck after a short while. What is the material it's made of? Seems strange that both the soft and hard parts look exactly the same. The Lamp - Can it realy hold? You have very thin axes to hold the upper bulbs in their angle. I'm not sure that the plastic you show there can realy hold it. Titanium propably would, by the way... The last bench - What technology would you pick to make these nice blending shapes? Overall, the shapes are Ok and the renders look nice, but if these models are going to be produced, I think that you need to ask yourself again what is possible and what not. Almost anything is possible, but usually the price has a limit... Good luck Lior
  6. liori

    Solidworks Toolbox

    Hi I'm using the metrical system so I don't know what the exact mesurments you are looking for. The toolbox has standard Hex bolts and Rings, so if your bolt heads are standard, they would propably be in there. When you pick a tool from the toolbox, you see only the general name and shape of it and not the exact size you want ...Once you put it in the part, you can change its' size - try doing that with a close bolt to what you need. Good luck
  7. liori

    Digital Sketchbook

    Final Image This is how my Sketchbook looks... As I said from the beginning, I'm trying to show a bit of the old sketchbook in a new Technology - The pencil was discussed here before. The sketchbook itself has a warm Leather cover and a Spiral closing. The pencil is used also as an ON/OFF switch - while it's outside, the sketchbook is on. Good luck to everyone - looking forward to hear what you think. Liori
  8. liori

    Digital Sketchbook

    Pencil Modeling... As discussed before, I've made the pen thinner, and less "cartoony", still hinting the original pencil design. The sketchbook itself shall be posted soon... Let me know what you think
  9. liori

    Digital Sketchbook

    Another view of the sketchbook
  10. liori

    Digital Sketchbook

    Some more sketches - Taking Cyberdemon words to account, I'm trying to make the Pencil thinner and still communicate with the new technology. The sketchbook itself would have a leather cover, with a transparent plastic part showing what's inside. More renderings to show the pencil and later the sketchbook will come...
  11. liori

    Digital Sketchbook

    Modeling for fun... playing with the shape of the pen/pencil - as I wrote before - I want to give designing clues on where the product started from - the pencil and eraser.
  12. liori

    Digital Sketchbook

    First sketches
  13. liori

    Digital Sketchbook

    First sketches - I want to combine the "old looking" sketch books we use, with the new plastic/metal cover. I think that a digital sketchbook needs a cover - both for protecting the inner technology, and also for reminding us the Icon of an old sketchbook. There's one attempt of a folding paper, on which you sketch, but I think it's not comfortable to write on all surfaces. I always use a hard cover sketchbook, so I could draw on anything, anywhere. I want the pen to remind me more of a pencil, than a High-tech writing machine. The interface should be simple and self explained... Let me know what you think - both about shapes and decisions.
  14. liori

    Digital Sketchbook

    Thanks Sketchyd I hope I won't disappoint you.
  15. liori

    Digital Sketchbook

    Hi everyone I'll have a try on this challenge. I know wacom has a nice Bluetooth device, but it's not realy a sketchbook. My product will take wacom brilliant technology and mobile it better and nicer. I'm in between apartments, so it will take a while to post my stuff... Good luck all. Lior

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