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  1. phzy2003

    High School Student Uni Application Portfolio

    10 pages. That is all I got. Please give me some advice! Thank you so much!!!
  2. Hi, My name is leo, I am year 12 student from Australia. I am going to apply for the bachelor of industrial design in Monash university. They are asking for a 8-10 pages portfolio that demonstrate 2d and 3d thinking and creativity. please give me some advice on how i can improve my portfolio. Thank you very much !!!
  3. phzy2003

    Weekly Sketches

    Compact camera concepts
  4. phzy2003

    Weekly Sketches

    Solidworks. Camera concept
  5. phzy2003

    Weekly Sketches

    preparing my uni application portfolio. two door sports car concept.
  6. phzy2003

    Weekly Sketches

    i am starting to prepare my application for uni, there is a industrial design + engineering design double degree. i really like industrial design, but the double degree seems to be a better choice for the future, industrial design needs 4 years course, and the double degree is 5 years course. but the balance in the double degree is 65% Engineering and 35% Industrial Design. i am not sure which one is better now, if i do the double degree, would i come out as a engineering designer rather than a industrial designer? For the application, they require a 8-10 pages portfolio, do you guys have any advice for me ? Thank you so much!
  7. phzy2003

    Weekly Sketches

  8. 哈,我是海南的。现在澳洲,高中最后一年,我也准备选择工业设计这个专业!但是家人朋友都说这行薪资低,市场也不景气,啊啊啊,纠结啊。
  9. phzy2003

    Weekly Sketches

  10. phzy2003

    Weekly Sketches

    waikit, thanks for your reply. just wondering are you chinese? i'm from china as well
  11. phzy2003

    Weekly Sketches

  12. phzy2003

    Weekly Sketches

    :D :D
  13. phzy2003

    Weekly Sketches


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