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  1. mizbot

    Ferrari Toccare 4G Mouse

    Hey Guys, Thanks for the comments, the project has now been polished off and its all uploaded on my personal site.
  2. mizbot

    Blow Me!

    Lol Great Concept ! really good mix of ideas and great name too! great play!
  3. Hello everyone, I had looked at the current Ferrari mice created by Acer and to be honest thought they were not really conveying the full ferrari experience. So i wanted to design a mouse packed with the latest technology but most importantly conveyed ferrari styling and luxury couture. I named it Toccare which means Touch in italian, the buttons are shrowded with either black suede or leather and are not visible by any cut lines, the body of the mouse comes in three editions, a leightweight plastic with super hi gloss red finish, carbon fibre for the really expensive edition or a ceramic white edition for those that want a white Ferrari mouse to go with their apple computer. I also designed the presentation box in the style of a tool box that the F1 team have in their garages I Hope you like this concept and let me know your thoughts Thanks Miz have a look at the rest of the project at: http://www.mizbot.co.uk/ferrari-toccare/
  4. mizbot

    Body Armour Concept

    Hey everyone, thanks for the comments, il try and respond in a nutshell to all the above... i guess i kinda thought about how flexible it would be, if there was too much padding covering more of the chest area then it would restrict movement, the middle area i left clear and non restrictive as i believe that the torso moves in 3 parts i guess some straps between each brace "defender" on each level would make it more secure and better. This being a concept i didnt really do much research or kind of look at what would really be full on practical, i really threw it all together in a couple of days. My intention was the whole package but lite; to create the brand, the product and presentation. I did however see that jacket that inflates and a helmet that deploys a air bag for the neck area and was good for showing me whats available. Il probably do a 3ds max version this week, i havent used it in a while so it be good to brush up on the ware... il drop the images if i can get round to it, however i do have another project which i have to throw up on to ProDesForums, i guess its watch this space. thanks mizanur www.mizbot.co.uk
  5. mizbot

    Body Armour Concept

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to show you guys my Body armour project which i called... Evo "falcon". This project was a mixture of my branding and product design capabilities, its been a while since i finished it but itd be nice to get some thoughts, ideas and comments I started off with a brand name which I called EVO Equipment, the idea being that EVO creates revolutionary sports gear that is versatile and high tech. The idea came for the armour was a mixture of car air bag tech and how it could be integrated into motor cycle jackets, then i went a bit further and thought well if you made it light enough and flexible it could be used in any sport situation and so the EVO falcon body armour was born... The idea is that when a high impact is detected on the surface of the armour, the braces around the front that surround the chest and back inflate. Air.. Co2, shoots from a cannister behind the wearer into the bags inflating them instantly. I wanted to be realistic in the sense that there is only certain size CO2 bottle that a person could carry whilst doing sports and the size of the airbags and that there had to be as little restriction to movement as possible, so there are gaps in the armour before the bags inflate but after were looking at full body protection. anyways thats the idea...i didnt want to spend too much time creating the armour in a 3d package so i rendered them up in PS, i might 3d it up soon if i get time... www.mizbot.co.uk

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