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  1. decaPODA

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    some quick hand on wacom
  2. decaPODA

    Doodles Sketches

    first post in this thread from me, made a torpedo (blame me for watching too much of avengers series lately ) next letter is O
  3. decaPODA

    Design Simplicity

    How far a designer can go to achieve simplicity .. a very smart question Hass, and a good read too you have put up there. By going through your post its very clear that you have a vast experience overall and I am not concerned about design here. Well, as far it comes down to presenting a simple design, and wondering could it still be simple or its just fine.. i would call it totally gut feeling of the designer. one can keep improving a design..but you just have to draw a line where you say that's it and it works fine. I remember the first time I saw apple products and first time I touched/used them.. both time it was totally different feeling.. first one being OMG what is this..awesome..and while using it..it was like speechless..most of the time. point being - a product s not simple only by the looks..it got to be as simple to use too ..though out. oh BTW check what the master got to say about it :- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dieter_Rams#Rams.27_ten_principles_to_.22good_design.22 Good Design is as little design as possible
  4. Hi guys, Well, I was on the red dot webpage today and going through their awesome trend reports. http://en.red-dot.org/2626.html The problem is when I went clicking the link given underneath the article , links to photo gallery of colours, form & materials and found all the links to be broken. Does any of you also face the same problem or is it just at my end [ i wonder how 'd that be possible ] Please let me know if there's a way out to check these galleries thanks fellows
  5. decaPODA

    Rhino 3D Advance Tutorial

    Hey Sergio, Thanks man..actually when i didnt see any reply coming to the post i kinda figured the same..best way is DIY been engaged in one complex model. had to bring back and forth to SolidWorks for shelling and filleting purpose.. would like to share just to get some feedback on how else it could have been modeled in simpler way or something.. just caught up a lill' with other project. shall upload soon. thanks again.
  6. hey folks.. I have been working on rhino for as long as i remember. Not being my first tool it was but surely it replaced my first choice of 3D modeling years ago. I consider myself decent enough on Rhino, but would like to have my hands on some detailed advance 3D tutorial. Is there anything you guys can suggest to me? it would be awesome if it comes free. You know not some paid tuts Oh.. BTW I have modeled the Audi TT long back so anything new and complex which teaches me some new commands here? thanks in advance guys.

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