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Status Updates posted by IceCalibre

  1. Are there any abandoned factories / warehouses in or around #yyc #calgary ?

  2. The news said the Japanese power workers are prepared to die to prevent meltdown. Maybe there is some hope for selfless humanity.

  3. Totally excited for #indie game #Fez

  4. The Cardboard Stealth Chair on Behance: http://bit.ly/gtgPTj

  5. Supports the #Facebook enter-to-post. Cleans up the interface from redundant buttons.

  6. The trend is probably completely over, but I am #winning today.

  7. Working on a pricing model for an all aluminum version of the Stealth Chair; it makes a fantastic gamer chair, we've noticed.

  8. Ooookay. Twitter is being bizarre. Don't mind me for a while.

  9. It's probably a bad thing we had an awesome substitute on the day we did evaluations on the normal teacher...


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