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Status Updates posted by IceCalibre

  1. It's probably a bad thing we had an awesome substitute on the day we did evaluations on the normal teacher...

  2. Ooookay. Twitter is being bizarre. Don't mind me for a while.

  3. Working on a pricing model for an all aluminum version of the Stealth Chair; it makes a fantastic gamer chair, we've noticed.

  4. The trend is probably completely over, but I am #winning today.

  5. Supports the #Facebook enter-to-post. Cleans up the interface from redundant buttons.

  6. The Cardboard Stealth Chair on Behance: http://bit.ly/gtgPTj

  7. Totally excited for #indie game #Fez

  8. The news said the Japanese power workers are prepared to die to prevent meltdown. Maybe there is some hope for selfless humanity.

  9. Are there any abandoned factories / warehouses in or around #yyc #calgary ?

  10. Cleaning the ol' longboard bearings. Looks like a good day to ride in #yyc.

  11. Haha. What? Riots in downtown #yyc? Last I heard from the people who were actually there it was a pretty small gathering. Sensationalist.

  12. Unknown started so well, then got silly and full of bizarre plot holes... Shame.

  13. Still looking for #design philosophy books, if anyone has suggestions. #IndDes or #Architecture works too.

  14. I might see Green Lantern just to swoon over his loft apartment. I love exposed brick like that...

  15. Or! "Good design has cup-holders for open liquids including large yogurt containers."

  16. When did minimalism become a buzzword? It seems like half the articles don't even know what it means...

  17. Tiltshift photos I took back in '09 and promptly forgot about: http://bit.ly/dXGQiQ Better late than never, right?

  18. Back in the Poang turned computer chair. Ahhh, best $20 I've ever spent.

  19. "Sliding on subway grates / these shoes are poor man's ice skates." I'll always think of @mattandkim when I walk across snowy streets.

  20. I hate it when you have a super awesome idea only to google it and find out it's been long done. Ah well, I was proud while it lasted...

  21. My version of recycling involves me inventing a new, unique kind of paper airplane before I throw it in the bin. It's surprisingly difficult

  22. Hap-py. Talk like. Will...iam Shatner day.

  23. Netflix is down?! It really is the apocalypse!

  24. It's funny how the entire paradigm of life can shift. Things are completely different but not much has changed...


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