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  1. What people fail to realize is that there is an ideal design - a layout of things that are optimal for doing that task. It isn't a "rip off"

  2. I'm on team Muji for this one.

  3. Is considering a rebrand to overtake the one I made when I was in grade 5 and (embarrassingly) still using to an extent.

  4. Word of the day: dirigible. A word I've always known but have never used in a sentence.

  5. I'll never understand why, to this day, architects have some of the worst websites ever to navigate. Second only to artists, who are insane.


    http://twitpic.com/4g43p3 - The sliders towards the middle allow you to control CMYK values to change your ink colour.

  7. The rain around #yyc is beautiful. Wash all the grime away...

  8. So machinists use decimal inches but reject metric because...?

  9. Dear Apple, please let us pause / stop / change songs while things are updating / syncing. Getting locked in is not good interaction.

  10. Is it bad that Supersize Me just makes me hungry?

  11. People with Flash websites: if I see a loading bar of any kind, my patience has already run out and I've probably left your site.

  12. Have you ever looked at your own thumb / fingers so long they start to look really alien? #ErgonomicStudies

  13. It's also funny it's 5 out and people open all windows to let the spring in, but we'd never do that at the same temperature in fall.

  14. It must be spring in Kensington #yyc, the skirts are out -on the men.

  15. Spent the afternoon in the shop. There is something so satisfying about making intricate shapes out of raw steel.

  16. Another fabulous but underrated movie soundtrack was that of The Social Network. Some good synth lines in there...

  17. Recently ate the best apple ever. Isn't it great how useless things can be known across the entire world?

  18. Where did all the great video games go? The old classics like Powerslide and POD - not this new Post Apocalyptic Mayhem with it's 3 tracks.

  19. Tron Legacy Reconfigured album = perfection.

  20. Moral: newspapers are ridiculous. Correlation doesn't imply causation. #yyc commenters were similarly disappointing...

  21. I think I should like my tombstone to also be a bench; there aren't many places to sit in cemeteries.

  22. I hate it when people write personal messages in books they give you -makes them harder to sell on eBay.

  23. America! They're making bus doors wider and engines stronger to move your fat bodies. Doesn't that raise any flags?

  24. There's one guy in Europe called Ghost Rider; there's a couple hundred in NYC called bike messengers.

  25. It's really sad to see Becca Black make so much money when there are people with actual talent trying to live... #NoHateJustTrue


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