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  1. Hey guys, i am currently working on an outdoor nightlight as a personal project. I was wandering if i could ask advice on joining the two plastic moulds together that i have designed in order to form the body . . . as the products intent is to be used all year round, i need to make it water tight. Any recommendations on how to join my two moulds? The two parts are top and bottom, therefore creating a split line going horizontally on the light. Would it be a case of using screws that attach internally? thanks guys
  2. ehonda

    Project Advice : Outdoor Night Light

    forgot to add the wall thickness of each moulds will be no bigger than 4mm!
  3. Hello all, i am currently designing an ergonomic bucket for the garden, however i need it to be environmentally friendly and cheap but at the same time have enough strength to take the load created by garden waste, i was thinking of PE, but i get the feeling that wont actually have enough tensile strength, any suggestions would be appreciated cheers
  4. Hello all, I am currently working on my first project that will need to involve welding in order to join two metals. However I am unsure as to what specific type i require, I own a sack truck that has the same type of weld that i need for my design, therefore i have attached JPEGS showing the weld, could anyone help me out and shed some light on what form of weld this is?
  5. ehonda

    New To Welding

    cheers for the help! could i ask another question regarding welding? is it possible, to join two pieces of tubular steel, 25mm in diameter, wall thickness no greater than 3, by welding them together? as welding is new to me, im not entirely sure if this can be done, therefore dont want to commit to a design before im certain its viable, Ive included a rough diagram of the join im trying to achieve, thanks

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