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  1. Hey guys Anyone here works in packaging designing plastic blister packs?
  2. How do you render Clear Plastic around some colored objects on a white background with Photoworks/Photoview?
  3. 18 months is not enough time in this business to get the experience you need for most design management roles. It's not really something additional education will give you as much as it is on the job experience and proving you have leadership skills. Even if you went back to get an MBA, most programs require several years of experience before applying. If you're less than 2 years out of school you have to ask the question "what makes me a better manager than any of these other people?" if you're just getting tired of doing the design grunt work, it's probably a bigger sign that you need a change of pace from your current job, not necessarily a management role. If there are other jobs you think you can apply for that have more senior roles and you think you are ready for them, consider switching jobs. Otherwise just work harder at your own job to show leadership skills and hope that you get recognition for it. Work in your current job, try to get some leadership skills online, take up extra additional tasks, and look at the requirements of leader ship positions, after you get enough years, apply for one and win!
  4. Hi All! I just have a small question: If you work for a company and you create designs and work on some other designs, which were created by your co - workers or sent in by clients, can you include those designs in your portfolio? Because I am trying to find a better paying job, and need to beef up my portfolio with some professional work. and am fairly confident there were some standard agreements before hiring that said that all designs are subject to non - disclosure and such stuff. Can you get in trouble if you include them in your portfolio and show to other potential employers if you add some of the graphics that you have created at home not for a client? Also discussing this with my company is out of the question, because, obviously I don't want to let them know I am looking around. Which course of action would be the best in current situation.
  5. GamesBars

    Recommend Me A Good Trackball For Cad!

    I just need the advantage of having LOTS of buttons. Plus trackball requires less movement of the hand. I the fact that the Logitech trackball that you linked comes loaded with buttons but it would be annoying to switch batteries with the comp @ work. I wonder does it come in wired version?
  6. Hi! Can you recommend which is the good trackball that has a lot of bind - able buttons for shortcut commands and the sensor isn't too picky when it comes to mouse surfaces. Low price and comfort is a plus! Used for Artios CAD and Windows XP SP3.
  7. I think nintendo DS is less powerful than laptop, so if laptop "doesn't cut it" for you I doubt nintendo DS will. The Graphics are like on my phone. BTW correct me if I'm wrong but rendering 3d scenes is done with CPU not your video card.
  8. GamesBars

    Designstudio Select

    How do u use Select with marquee to transforms something when you are using StudioTools 13 in a DesignStudio Mod using Paint workfolw?
  9. Hi I was wondering how do you get reflection maps to display in Imagestudio? I chose shiny reflective material then set image as a reflection map but it doesn't show up!
  10. GamesBars

    Learning How To Draw

    I think you have great countour skill. However I wouldn't call these "sketches", they feel like finished drawings, even the ones you labeled sketches feel like drawings with added messy lines. Also I think that you have too high difference between min and max radius set for the program u use to sketch (I duno if u use StuidioTools or other program), your line gets washed up in the middle and you can't see what's going on.
  11. GamesBars

    Good And Bad Sketches

    I had a question: did you ever had that feeling that you can't get the sketch to look really good, and you keep trying and it just keeps looking not the way you envision it? Should you move on and try to do different sketches or keep trying to get that 1 looking just right? I am asking this becuse sometimes it can take like 10 do - overs and you still can't get the sketch to look the way you want and you have to move on because there is other stuff too and the time is limited?
  12. GamesBars

    Alias Sketchbook Pro

    I use Studiotools it doesn't wash out when u rotate
  13. GamesBars

    Alias Sketchbook Pro

    Are you make sure you are rotating the canvas not just the lines?
  14. GamesBars

    Drawer Vs. SketchĂȘur

    OK most companies say they prefer designer to clean up their sketch to present it to clients, however there's a certain point when the sketch, becomes not, in fact, such! If you clean it up completeley it's going to loose all of its' "sketchiness" and technically become a drawing more - so than a sketch! So should you make sure every time a person is talking about "sketches" to differentiate between actual sketches and presentation drawings?

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