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  1. Dideia

    Tree House Camping

    Thanks mart2010uk
  2. Dideia

    Tree House Camping

    Thanks Streamliner, This project is called "Tree house" because is made out of a tree the cork oak. But it is a tent for camping and one sould not trie to stick it in a tree.
  3. Dideia

    Tree House Camping

    Hi everyone, This is our new development, more(begun some time ago) Started from 4 different designer areas. The whole concept is developed and has been featured in some trade shows and various forums as Yanko design (click here), may already have seen it there. We had a lot of acceptance by people around the world, but we are now in a development phase of production, the most difficult of all. We are looking for sponsors outside of Portugal for this project directly connected to nature, someone knows something? PS: We are Portuguese but I hope that our English has not many mistakes, sorry for any that might possibly exist look forward for your opinions
  4. Dideia

    Arc Table

    The design seems very nice. Love the natural wood.
  5. Dideia

    Greetings Dideia

    Hello everyone, We are new around here. We are from Portugal and we are beginning to explore the industrial market in Europe. Visit our website, comment and share. www.dideia.com Best regards,
  6. Dideia

    Mondriz Chair

    Hello everyone, We are new here, and now would like to share our latest draft product. Do not miss it, comment and share. http://www.dideia.com/en/#/Home/MONDRIZ/Poster%2001 best regards

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