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  1. Not sure if my profile is correct and I can't figure out where to pierce the profile. Can anyone help please ? Thanks.
  2. Hi Everyone, I would like to model a stand size BSPP 1/4" type part with internal and external threads that will work with standard 1/4" threads. I can't seem to find a way to cut the profile and feeling a little lost on the point where I pierce on to the helix. Could anyone help please? Thanks. My Solidworks 2014 3D CAD file is downloadable here - https://www.hightail.com/download/UlRReUNHSytENlQ0WjhUQw
  3. whatizhisname

    Solidworks Draft Edge With Fillets

    Yup Kevin ! It worked ! Didn't know delete face has a patch feature in it. Thanks !!! Tried to upload the finished file but it says upload failed. The zipped file is about 76kb. Any ideas ?
  4. Hi Everyone ? Can I find out how to create 2 deg Drafts on this surface when there are existing fillets in the original file? Thanks.
  5. Hi Everyone ! The general rule is we draft first then fillet right ? What if this is an imported file (iges/step/parasolid) that doesn't allow me to go up the tree to do the fillet first ? How do I apply draft angle to the walls of the fillet ? Thanks !
  6. whatizhisname

    Small Bottle Modeling

    Hi Ragde ... i'm a newbie to surfacing ... Having issues with the shoulder as well ... boundary surface selection. After selecting both curves, there seems to be 2 other curves formed. Is it correct? See shoulder1.jpg. To get the curve of the shoulder as close as possible to the spline @ the 15degree sketch line, i had to adjust the tangent length to 1.2 for both selected curves. Am I supposed to move the 2 blue dots to the same position as shown in your tutorial? How do I change the direction of that arrow? See shoulder2.jpg. Hope you can point out my mistakes. Thanks !
  7. whatizhisname

    Sw2007 How To Create A Side Core?

    Here are 2 possible solutions from Bildder - Pawel Keska from www.cadvantage.pl Thanks !!!! yeah ... learnt that indent is a simple way to resolve a simple part ... solutionsA.zip solutionsB.zip
  8. whatizhisname

    Sw2007 How To Create A Side Core?

    My bad ... file was not usable ... .zipx file ??? winzip12 ... sorry Having problems with forming the side core ... need help ... slider.zip
  9. whatizhisname

    Sw2007 How To Create A Side Core?

    can anyone teach me to do a sidecore on this part?
  10. A: extrusion not very effective for non profile shapes ... might as well as look at injection molding it all the way B: Injection mold might be possible depending on the function of your bucket. (need it water proof or single volume body?) You can injection mold it by halves and assembled via screw threads ( more expensive ) or just male/female interlocks ( simpler ) C: Not sure if blow mold would b possible ... there's some cut off excess perhaps that you might not like. D: You could combine B&C. Roto mold would be a possibility too as it gives you a single piece plastic container with inner walls. But like Karl said ... sizes would matter. Roto molds are for large parts right? Like Oil Drum or large dustbins ?
  11. Having this issue with forming a slider ... I can only get half of the profile in the side core area. Can anyone help point out what is missing please ? Have SW2009 too .... THANKS ! SW2007 - Side Core Design
  12. NX = Unigraphics NX - also a very popular CAD program that's more for CAM. Surfacing is quite user friendly ... that's what i heard
  13. whatizhisname

    Parting Line And Surface For Tool Split

    oic bilder ... Interlock might be good for the tooling but it's extra machining and materials. Interlocks can be placed on the mold base itself or actually that's what guide pins and bushes are for already isn't it ? Can you attach the files for reference? I could get someone to open it up for me to look thru how the interlock option and indent command works. The commands are available in SW2007 as well. Thanks.
  14. whatizhisname

    Parting Line And Surface For Tool Split

    had a lot of difficulties SPLITING THE @#$@#$ Draft !!! Do I really have to do fillets after drafts ??? I can't even add fillets in sketches ??? Here's the amended part for anyone who wants to look at it or check if i'm correct Thanks guys ... GooseNeck2.zip
  15. whatizhisname

    Parting Line And Surface For Tool Split

    Hi Pavel, Am I correct to say that firstly I need to get the parting lines in a closed loop using split lines (whether in flat plane or different curved planes or offset planes). Then create automatically using parting surface or in this case its easier to create a parting surface manually (using extrude and then trim off the solid into 2 surfaces) and finally adding it into the parting surface folder. The draft angles are minimal @ 1deg except for the end area. Have modified it. What is interlock surfaces and Feature - Indent? What happens when you create the parting lines? 2 surfaces are created with respect to the parting lines right?

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