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  1. corralizas

    Tips for creating a portfolio

    Oh no, The page is down!!!
  2. Hello Creatives My site is still in the works but any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. I create in search for understanding my own abilities and creative consciousness. With that said, I hope you find some interest in what I've done and maybe even become inspired. www.stevencdesign.com Cheers, Steven C. PS: Want to follow me, here are the links? Portfolio | http://www.stevencdesign.com/ LinkedIn | http://www.linkedin.com/pub/steven-corraliza/34/38b/96b Tumblr | http://corralizas.tumblr.com/ Behance | http://www.behance.net/SCDesign Coroflot | http://www.coroflot.com/corralizas Twitter | https://twitter.com/StevenCorraliza Pinterest | http://pinterest.com/corralizas
  3. corralizas

    1St Portfolio Website

    Consider Squarespace, Behance Pro, or WordPress! They are great sites to get your point across to the public.
  4. corralizas

    Check Out Stevencdesign.com

    I did some changes to my site and finally gave it a real domain name www.StevenCDesign.com Let me know what you think and if you like it please click on the facebook like buttom. Thank you!
  5. corralizas

    Steven Corraliza Website Portfolio

    Please check out my portfolio website and tell me what you think. Corralizs.com

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