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  1. BeavCo

    Vray For Rhino Help

    Without seeing the vismat, it' kind of difficult to say for sure what is going on. I would start by making sure you do not have a diffuse layer in the material. This can cause issues. Aside from the material, I'm curious as to what is happening in the environment. If the problem seems to be only in the glass, then I would assume it is in the material settings somewhere. If you can elaborate on the material structure a bit more, I may be able to help. Hope this gets sorted out for you.
  2. BeavCo

    Beavco Portfolio

    LOL, great question. My nickname is "the beav" - When I was younger I looked like Beaver Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver. I blame my family - they gave me the name and it stuck. So, beavers have absolutely nothing to do with jewelry, but more to do with me.
  3. BeavCo

    Beavco Portfolio

    I have updated my 'portfolio by adding a couple more designs. Thanks for looking. BeavCo Portfolio
  4. BeavCo

    Add Your Industrial Design Blog Here

    May be worth a look to some: BeavCo Blog
  5. BeavCo

    Beavco Portfolio

    First off thanks for your comments and critique. You are absolutely correct, there is not nearly enough content yet. I am still setting up my site, and have lots more content to add. The link I posted filters the content by tag, so that only the designs that I have created. The links across the top do the same thing for their respective categories. As far as the shop, I do have a separate store in which I have a few 3d models, and rendering materials available for download - mainly stuff for the jewelry industry. I also offer training in Rhino. I'm trying to work out the best way to display all of this on my site, and still have lots of work to do. As of now, I'm using Wordpress to power my site, and it is more or less a blog. I'm using the tags to filter out the categories. This is probably not the best way to display my works, and hopefully after I get my main site done, I'll set up a better portfolio. Again, thanks for having a look, and for the feedback. There's lots of great stuff here, and I will certainly keep reading. Regards.
  6. BeavCo

    Ty Nant Bottle Design

    I would probably use Rhino w/ T-Splines if possible. T-Splines really excels at capturing the organic geometry, while keeping all the surfaces tangent. Here's a video from their site on making a bottle, although not exactly the same. http://www.tsplines.com/tutorials-blog/393-bottle.html Also, any of the webinars and/or tutorials would be helpful in learning this shape.
  7. BeavCo

    Beavco Portfolio

    I just thought I'd post up my portfolio... I am still getting items up on the site, but will keep this updated as I add. Thanks for looking BeavCo Portfolio

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