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  1. caraulani

    Automotive Renderings

    Followup 2 caraulani.com
  2. caraulani

    Automotive Renderings

    well said. thank you
  3. caraulani

    Automotive Renderings

    Hello guys. I will be sharing some renders i`ve done in the past months in my first attempt to master the automotive field. I have been reading this forum for a long time , and its time i come out of the nutshell and post some work out there for critique. Thanx. I.C.Caraulani www.caraulani.com
  4. caraulani

    Giving Back To Productdesignforum

    3 years ago this forum gave me all i needed to create my portfolio. That portfolio helped me study at one of England`s top design universities. I now feel that i need to give back to the community that i always lurked around and learned. I recently created my blog, and I intend to share it with people that seek what i always searched for in the past years, what i always hoped to find in one place, and had to fight for. My output (or as some call it , portfolio) will be presented in a organic structure which hopefully will reveal more than a end result, but the process that always remains hidden. Hope you find it useful as i did. www.caraulani.com ps. yesterday i was featured a article on productdesignhub, and because it resonates with what i said here, i urge you to read and share. http://productdesign...0%9C-manifesto/ Julian

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