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  1. Hi I would like to start a discussion on Systems theory. Mostly its influance on Industrial Design. If you know of any good articals out there for reading please share. More articals equals more in depth discussions. To start things of.... How much should it be incorporated in the physical design of a product? Is it but a tool to analise all the aspects influancing a design? How can it be implemented in other aspects of life to better its productivity?
  2. Bustifurr

    My Entry

    I once designed a bin that can produce paper plates. You would put all old paper based products inside and then it will produce the plate. The problem with this is that each home would need a unit. Maybe you can have one factory that produces it for you. People can bring paper and recieve a amount produced plates for it. This will encourage people to clean the area they live in and around, i live in South Africa, we are in need of people cleaning and job creation. Maybe even use plastic and glass in the same way, then people will want to collect ''rubbish'' cause they can gain from it. Communities can work together, giving people money, like a recycling house would is no good cause then they buy booze and glue and get f'd of their faces. Sponsers can carry most of the costs as doing good is becoming popular, which is retarted cause it should be the first thing on your mind, DO GOOD! Jsut a direction to think of while doing this project, enjoi!
  3. Bustifurr

    Check Out My Portfolio

    Wicket lovin it man. I skate so going to comment on the two skate related products. The shoes, very cool, nike came into the skateindustry with a bang. Check out http://www.suprafootwear.com/, skate owned for skaters. Also super suede, DC first used it, better than suede, tried to find the add, just google it. Check out vulcanized outsole, new tech which is the best stuff for skate shoes, sticks alot more and is very soft. The bench, if it is for skaters try and put coping on the two top edges, will make it into a grind box aswell as a mannie pad.
  4. Bustifurr

    just for fun

    Love the dude in the dungarees! He can take me on walks.
  5. Bustifurr

    Azuro1125's Submission

    Hi Azuro Ja the second one is much better.(ja in my langue is yes btw) The first one is a novel idea but will be harder to produce and cost alot more. The second one can be done with hemp which will make it almost free to manufacture. People just need to realize that hemp is not weed. Hemp can change the world! ps, if you want them to nest togehter that arch in the work surface might have to be a straight slant. Will it be blow molded?
  6. Bustifurr

    My Portfolio... Check It!

    Very cool drawings. I have to agree with Oli. Would be cool to know what inspired some of these projects. Pictures are more fun than reading but sometimes it helps the viewer to understand.
  7. Bustifurr


    I thik sketchy and fast was the idea. I really dig it, i have always enjoid the blue pencil, she is a goodie.
  8. Bustifurr

    Steven Corraliza Website Portfolio

    Very cool sketches. What do you study?
  9. Bustifurr

    Car Lamborghini Gallardo

    Holy smokes, well done. How long did it take you?
  10. Bustifurr

    Tim Winwood Design

    Hi Tim You did a skatepark and a skateboard, you are most prob one of us, a skateboarder. Please explain the d3o board, I can not read the text box, too small. I would like to know what it is all about.
  11. Bustifurr


    Hi, Hope all is well. Did my degree in Id here in Cape Town South Africa! Keen to trade ideas and information. Id is the ish and we have the ability to change the world. Enjoi, Cobus
  12. Bustifurr

    Sofa Concept

    Have you tried to loose the headrests completely? Would like to see that, by the way do you guys use drawing tablets?
  13. Bustifurr

    Some Of My Sketches

    Realy cool, can you explain the process briefly from start to fin? Like what programs you use, dont have to give away all your secrets

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