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  1. Brecht Leon

    Brecht Vanderwee

    Thank you for your feedback. A few new projects are added.
  2. Brecht Leon

    Lego Tractor

    Working steering device and moveable crop sprayer.
  3. Brecht Leon

    Show Yourself

    Me and my girlfriend.
  4. Brecht Leon

    Brecht Vanderwee

    Please check my humble portfolio site at modularrocket.com. Feel free to leave a message. Thank you and goodbye.
  5. Brecht Leon

    Lomo Lc-a

    My modified Lomo LC-A drawn and rendered with Autodesk Inventor 10. Too much work. But I had a great time.
  6. Brecht Leon

    Everyone's Age.....

    26 and 5 days.

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