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  1. bowlofnoodle

    Side View Sketches....

    It's interesting how you are really trying design your own car. How you decide what looks good or what looks bad? What is beauty really. But yeah, overal I reckon you need to spend more time on each car, dont jump straight into colouring. I would sure love to see a detailed perspective drawing than many thumbnail rough renders. A car is a big object, you need to render out every single detail in 3D. If you were to do it for a job anyways.
  2. bowlofnoodle

    Ps Car Rendering Ex.

    I reckon you need to define the form of the actual interior desk more. How the form flows from the window to the stereo section blending with the middle arm rest. All I see is a bunch of lines but not the form, they get lost making it look awkward and out of perspective. Try to find some reference, it will help you a lot. Also have some form of focus point in the drawing, ie focus more on the desk section, fade it out as it goes outward. It will make a big difference.
  3. bowlofnoodle

    How To Model A Lobster Nose?

    Parametric models usually are in true mathematical spline but presented on screen as triangle meshes. Just so it runs faster on the computer. And when you convert to stl, it becomes a mesh. Regarding learning parametric software. I found Rhino to be best as it is flexible in it allowing free 3d rotation/panning, quick command box. If you just looking to model simple stuff in the future, then Rhino just pwns it, not to mension it is cheap and simple as well.
  4. bowlofnoodle

    Universal / Inclusive Design

    Check out the site below; http://www.design.ncsu.edu/cud/pubs_p/docs/poster.pdf http://www.design.ncsu.edu/cud/index.htm Great example of universal design is the Oxo Scissors, remote controls, user interface, mobile phone keys, ... Two things that makes universal design important today is globalisation and aging world population. The huge number different people in the world pretty much calls for a product that is more functional to them. There is the advantage of make your product universal make it to be more lighter, more softer, etc... it will make the product work better as well. The Oxo scissor is a great example of this. Through improvement of handle to fit the hands better, the product became a huge success in it's time. And also the average world population is moving up. There will be a lot of older people in the future due to low birth rate and low death rate. Read up on the UN aging world population report. So pretty much this demand new product to more easier to use, simple to use, accessible. There are arguments against universal design that it destroys artistic/aesthetic values, if you make something for all, you are losing diversity ideas and maybe innovative thinking.
  5. bowlofnoodle

    Sketchyd's Book

    Hey great stuff there, keep em coming. The fish styling looks awesome. It's a bit rought but, theres lots of interesting ideas.
  6. bowlofnoodle

    More Sketches Have Arrived..

    Really unique approach and style. It feels good. I would prefer to see something more details. More bigger, seeing the details, the construction lines. Takes more time though.
  7. bowlofnoodle

    Parel's Portfolio

    Beautiful. That lights rocks!
  8. bowlofnoodle

    Jaguar Car Accessory

    Looks good, nice render. I would prefer to see the interior shot bigger. Also would like to see point form of What it is? How does it work? Why does it matter? In terms of ethos and branding, it doesnt really say Jaguar to me. It is rather a bit sharp and straight and not elegant and organic like the car. But I do like it.
  9. Found the design I am happy with. Leave refinement to another day. =] vapnet> I reckon it looks good as is in sketching form.
  10. bowlofnoodle

    Child Design Expertise

    I did a research a long time a go, and I found a lot of good information from books about 'play'. Toys like Lego that allows 'open play' where open ended activities occur that encourage kids to play longer. Other toys act as tools preparing a kid for like. Toy encouraging muscle toning, fighting toys and parental-role playing toys. Visual language in children toys are important as well, bright colours, minimum 10 mm radio edges. But yeah books is the way to go I reckon, understanding a how a kid grows up is pretty important. There are a lot of things you dont know about little kids.
  11. bowlofnoodle

    Lunch Time Car Sketch

    I appreciate the comment, but I think it was a sketch of an iron in the sketch sessions? I don't really do cars. It would take me ages to go over every little detail of the car. Man I am currently on leave from uni, losing all my motivation on design and sketching.
  12. bowlofnoodle


    Hey, I like your technique and design. Thanks for posting =]
  13. I thought it was not release yet. Which section/link/shop from Amazon did you bought it from?
  14. bowlofnoodle

    Confused,,,what's Good Portfolio?

    The mixer rendering is top notch. Did you have to do a post touch up after the rendering? Looks very photoshoped but in a subtle way. What I think gives you a boost in your portfolio is just raw industrial experience, summer jobs you have would also help. I guess more technical details in terms of concept idea and manufacturing would shows gives a better impression of the project rather than just pretty pictures. You got to be an all rounder since once you progress through a company you got to learn more and more.
  15. bowlofnoodle

    Lunch Time Car Sketch

    Heya, again I like the drawing style as well. Really refreshing dude. I'm interested in seeing some more. =] Although I don't like the form of the light sections.
  16. bowlofnoodle

    Bowlofnoodle's Doodles Website

    Just made a quick website for my design related materials. Give us your thoughts. Cheers bowlofnoodle's doodles
  17. bowlofnoodle

    Internship In Milan

    Yeah it sux working far away in different cultures. Corporate world and general business etiquette is like a whole new world to me! I like your last sentence. True words! I got to hook up with the best people out there. You are shape by the people you patrol with I guess.
  18. Ohh that, I used standard BIC - Ultra Round Stic Grip. Nice cheap pen indeed. Just do a rough sketch on big A3 paper and they do an overlay on top. You need some practice. Go call up your local ID consultancy and say you wanna come in to practice your drawing for about 2 months. Hook us up!
  19. bowlofnoodle

    Internship In Milan

    Random question but I was wondering if you big companies with a inhouse design department, I was wondering if they would fly you over to work for them?
  20. bowlofnoodle

    New Hand Pruner

    Hahah I am going to use that line in one of my future design/styling artistic presentations. Good line.
  21. I appreciate the complement ST3. Yeah for the colouring, path does a nice job in keeping it clean. Also once you turn on transparency lock you can edit at will.
  22. bowlofnoodle

    New Hand Pruner

    Man fiskars makes awesome tools. Looks really stylish + it's functional as well. I bought a different pruner just to play with it. I thought you were in Australia? Just moved? Also know of any good articles on Universal Design and general research. PM if you do please. =]
  23. bowlofnoodle


    The last one was amazing!
  24. bowlofnoodle

    Shaver 2

    The design itself looks really nice. To make it look better/persuasive I'll prob do an overlay on top with really confident and beautiful line. But that needs a lot of prac and training. It's best if you take a class. Also perspective and in your face sketches are pretty exciting.
  25. I like the idea of the cart as a water transportation tool. I actually had the same idea a couple months ago. Really functional. The third slide explains it all, didn't really get it unti I see that one. Only thing I don't like is the complex main part, do you really need for the water to go through all those layers? Can't you have a big tank where you can turn the tap and the water can be pour into the cart or water-can.

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