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  1. bowlofnoodle

    Interior For Design-thinking In The End User

    Well you see Ezio Manzini the leading expert in sustainability and the author of Sustainable Everyday; Scenarios of urban life, he suggest that to really bring about turn around in environmental change, it requires a social change. It is up to individuals to make there effort to really solve this problem in the long term. There is a need to elicit the creativity in the end user. So what this means is that all people including the accountants, the house wife, banker...needs to make a shift to think designerly, to some extent. This is one big call but for all people to thinking like a designer, which is to think of the artificial world, to see the world that they want to see in the future. By thinking designerly where the person will be more involve, take more action and are more productive. You don't want to treat bankers like machines doing the same old thing day in day out, you want them to be involve in all things for them to learn and grow. And about how am I going to turning everyone into designers. I am not really sure yet. I am just really brainstorming and ideating right about now. And about the rendering. It was actually build in second life. It was just a quick ideations and seeing it in 3d. Ideating it out. So rendering is not up there. But I did thought it looked good. it pretty much has everything there. Does it really matter if there is grass and other random stuff in it? oO
  2. Hey guys, this is what I am working on. Give me your thoughts =] What the project is about is...its a creative and abstract environment for business office cubicles to encourage design, problem solving and solution base thinking. In the picture you have round tables where you can write on. The large tables have no chair. There is an abstract levitating spinning arrows on the top. There are two glass writing boards on the far side. Also on the left hangs arms and peg where it holds notes and paper. All in all this proposal aims to: - Stimulate design thinking through abstract representation - Demand for creativity in business people the none designers. Eliciting the creativity from the end-user to bring about social change for responsible development - Encourage of expression by having glass table and glass board where you can write on - Abstract spinning unsupported triangle prism encourage wild ideas - Table is high, no seating is allowed to encourage moving, interaction, collaboration From research, in an interview, Hyer (2006) indicated that it is difficult for companies to compete in the global world. A lot of businesses are heavily based on business operation and analytic, where they compete on price, delivery and systems. And that only 5% of companies actually embracing the long haul of thorough development where design is crucial in the process. What design bring to the business by using the methods of collaboration, rapid prototyping and solution base thinking will allow effective business strategy and differentiation by eliciting all parties to practice design. Hyer, T 2006, Intro to design thinking, viewed 25 March 2006, http://www.redhat.com/magazine/019may06/
  3. bowlofnoodle

    Interior For Design-thinking In The End User

    Well it is still in concept stage. Sure there are issues against and for colaboration. But overall it tries to redefine how things look like. A desk doesnt mean four legs and a plane. Cubicals are not just walls and desk etc. How I think you encourage the enduser/worker/non design to practice the designerly ways of knowing is through tools and inspiration. Thus why I have a lot of random things in my concepts.
  4. bowlofnoodle

    Sketches And Works

    Amazing lines john. Like the first few pieces a lot. =]
  5. bowlofnoodle

    --- Some Different Projects ---

    The phone and the bottle looks really good. I like how it looks good from nearly all angles (from what i am seeing so far anyways). It is sometimes hard to translate a sketch from 2d to 3d and capturing the dynamic of a sketch. Anyway good styling overall.
  6. bowlofnoodle

    Feedback Needed - Car Render

    You're making great improvement so far. What you can also do is to draw from reference as well. http://carbodydesign.com/archive/2008/03/0...rocco-09-lg.jpg Print out the sketch and draw your car but try get the technique and methods similar to the one on the pic. I think the best way to improve is to have a good pro to amature connection. So draw from the best. Further more, draw it bigger as well. make your sweeps big and confident. Through time your hand muscle will develop and it will be more natural.
  7. bowlofnoodle

    My Radio Project

    Hey I just got the idea now. So it's pretty much a radio to be used on your desk where it play sound through the bottom. You have some really interesting ideas that are out there. I think that is good. But for this one, I just dont like how it is related to Citroen. I mean really it doesnt connect in anyway, the brand, the style. The product is original but it also has to be, functional, accesible, seamless, low effort and efficient etc. My opinion anyways. I really like those mock ups as well, it is a lot more through when you work it in 3d/models.
  8. bowlofnoodle

    I'm Finding Part For My Honda Solo

    I think it's a Japanese product. Try contacting the dealer where you bought it from. Or any honda dealer over there. Give em a call and tell them to what you need.
  9. bowlofnoodle

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    5 mins, point pulling. Pretty happy with the form. zvmato - I like that chair a lot.
  10. Thanks to bngi. This month's topic is 'Super Soaker'. Check out the Super Soaker Transformer Water Shooter from Hasbro. This is one bad ass toy. Please all participate and have some fun by designing one mayhem of a water shooting toy.
  11. bowlofnoodle

    Anyone Have These Books?

    Sounds great. Ill be interested in checking out your work, post em up when you're done! And about out dated books, some old books are usefull still. It's not always about new ways of doing things. It's also about fostering and cherishing existing information that has been developed over the century. Apple's current design philosophy is really an interpretation of the philosyphy by Braun 50 years ago. It's really not a fully genius out of this world designs. So just to show, quality info by high spike expert is what you really want.
  12. bowlofnoodle

    Anyone Have These Books?

    - Sketching: Drawing Techniques for Product Designers by Koos Eissen (Author), Roselien Steur (Author) Year: 2007 I got this one. I haven't really touched it since it arrived. There is a lot of quantity rather than quality sketching to me. Some might be traditional. But yeah there are a some decent sketches in there. I would recommend getting the gnomon sketching DVDs instead. They deffinately go into details, and you see really how pros draw. But yeah I guess the style is some what different to the other books, grab and all so you know em all if you have lots of money around. You should grab this book; Universal Design Principles. Waikit blogged about, it's got a lot of methods and techniques to hack your way through the design process. Hmm about material, I don't think you would ever read through all them books, instead you should try get an intern position, do a course on it, or just try manufacture some product. Cause you'll kinda only learn it through experience. You need a lot of iteraction for it to slap you in the face and then it sinks in. But yeah, you re in Monash? I heard the car design course is hardcore. How are you finding it?
  13. bowlofnoodle


    You might want to check out; http://us.vclart.net/wiki/Critique_Guidelines But yeah feedback is good when it's constructive. Providing real info that will be usefull, how do you actually make it look dynamic. And it also should be not too harsh I guess, the feedback should look at the work as a whole and not just the bad side. If there is a bunch of bad thing, you maybe at some good bit as well. Just to give em a pat on the back. =]
  14. bowlofnoodle


    Hey great sketch, its awesome.
  15. bowlofnoodle

    Which One Looks Better ?

    Bottom one, the solid contrast with the space.
  16. bowlofnoodle

    Parel's Portfolio

    That's one original car design I haven't seen in a while. I like how there is no door. It does cross alot between a car and a f1.
  17. bowlofnoodle

    Virtual User Interface Development

    Yeah but that is for a lecture scenario. What if it was a tutorial class where it is practical base, where it is the student who run the show, work on their project. Cause what I was thinking about is that it would be sweet if there is a product design forum island, where anyone can come in post a topic on a black board, throw a sketch somewhere on the wall, post a podcast booth, and in the back you have other people standind around. I guess it's wishful thinking to say how it should work. It would take ages to create a lot of different tools.
  18. bowlofnoodle

    Virtual User Interface Development

    I just realised. Isn't SL already an online virtual meeting place? People just log on as a virtual identity and they get together in a single place. What kind of function does it provide to the users? All I see are display and one way information flow. It would be good if you could create tools to blog, record, some sort of game to process and create flow of information and pass it on I guess.
  19. bowlofnoodle

    Virtual User Interface Development

    I just tried it out again, found out about the event list and went to a few dance club and music event and all. It was pretty fun. It will be awesome if we could have a product design forum hang out place on SL. Anyways, I want to check out what you've made whats your msn? Do you guys use Aim over there in the US? Well I pretty much got facebook, msn messenger, I do have aim but I dont use it. If you need any help I will definately help you out. In return you could help me get some clothes and stuff for my dude.
  20. bowlofnoodle

    Rhinoceros New User

    If you really get into the nitty gritty details of the correct way to model things. You might want to check out the cd tutorial below. Try look for a copy in the library to save a few bucks. But more directly to your question I think you need to create the side surface so you can blend and join them to create a continuing surfaces. http://www.hydraulicdesign.net/advancedtraining.htm
  21. bowlofnoodle

    Virtual User Interface Development

    Wow thats great, never though second life would be so big. I tried it once, but could even figure out how it works. Where could one go to find more about second life events and talks.
  22. bowlofnoodle

    Sketching Do's And Dont's

    Yeah I reckon waikit's advice is pretty solid. Ill also add; - Stick to pen and paper only, no colours yet - Get some reference, draw both with and without it Also best way to learn is to have a good professional to amature connection. Do a class, watch sketching DVDs, participate in forum activities, grab some books from the library, youtube videos, buy gadget magazines...
  23. bowlofnoodle

    How About This Sketch

    I think it's really good quick sketches. I would like to see some radical styling.
  24. bowlofnoodle

    Sketch By Ram

    Amazing sketch. Nice fully resolved sketches. It does look a bit old style, I would prefer more contrast and colours. =] I reckon some of the best sketching reference can be found on carbodydesign.com. It's mostly car design though. Also it will be great, if you could share some of your recource in sketching and design as well.
  25. bowlofnoodle

    Getting Back Into It!?.

    Well based on my experience playing the game of life. To get back in the game and jump into a higher paying job or a specific job, what you need to do is either; - do a night course, - do some training program, - study another course, - do the course again but in a better school - or just take a chance and walk aimlessly and holisticly down the line and wait for a swap career card. =]

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