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  1. bowlofnoodle

    How About This?

    It doesnt look not so bad at all for an untrained person. You draw pretty large, the lines are pretty clean. If you really want to be a pro, do a course, get some sort of training. With a bit of money you will learn a lot more skills and do more work that will eventually help you in your career or hobby persuits in the future. Specifically about the car, I would prefer a more original look, different style, more emphasize on the intent of the design (Make it look muscular, make it look a jet, make it look like bones). Carbodydesign.com has neat professional ID drawings if you need reference.
  2. bowlofnoodle

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    Very good Crit7171! Just a random 3D object.
  3. bowlofnoodle

    Explowang's Sketchbook

    Mikedesign posted up a live video record of a car drawing. It is one of the skillfull one I've seen so far! The amound of time and technique is extreme! http://www.lugnegarddesign.com/tutorial.html For tips, I would say draw really accurate, draw big, draw it with more detail. =] I would be more impressed with one quality drawing than many thumbnails.
  4. James Carrunther has really detailed and accurate car modelling tutorial that is available as a pdf dvd..for a price. But yeah transforming from a concept to a 3D car is really challenging. Sometime the 3D result will have significant difference. http://www.hydraulicdesign.net/#store From what I see from the concept, you would build major/large surfaces first. If you are doing it in Rhino 3D, you would use rectangular surfaces and bend it into the form then trim it off. Then just work it down to the smaller and smaller details. You need to do a lot of redesign and sketchign to figure all the finite details out. The devil is in the detail! It would take consider amount of time if you want it really detailed and accurate and visually pleasing. If you are really keen, get the DVD learn all the techniques and tricks, and then take a 2 weeks out and dedicate all your time in putting it together. It ain't easy. =/ If not just post your progressing on here, people can always help you if your question is specific and ask the question well.
  5. Check out the just released entries for the dyson graduate industrial designs awards for 2008. There is a total of about 94 entries of students work from the many Universities around Australia. These are final year graduate designs that was put together after their degree that is a result of their long and hard work to apply all their knowledge, skills, tools, techniques, hacks, methods, processes, philosophies, ideas and energy. There are seriously a wide variety of design projects that was carried out. Some of the project tackled the most hardest of problems, while others projects resulted in some really quality and professional looking product designs. Many of the project also tackled really specific areas that you wouldn't even thought off. Which is good to cover all bases. Anyways, check it out, which design do you like, what do you not like, give advice & ideas, how could it be done better, what was good...tell your friends, teachers, parents, contact the students directly, tell your local councils? raise awareness of community issues...Also share with us graduate designs from other parts of the world, would be interesting to see the difference. http://www.student.designawards.com.au/app...licationID=4691
  6. bowlofnoodle

    Google Sketch Up 7

    I thought you could not figure out why 3D web content was not adopted as much by general consumers with the new release of Sketchup. I guess I just cant wait till websites becoming 3D and interactive, beyond information and pictures.
  7. bowlofnoodle

    Design Process & Project Management

    As posty said Ulrich and epinger's book has many tools and technique sample used in product development. You might also want to check out one of the lecture on product development process from Erik Bohemia for some alternative processes. Read from page 12 onwards. It has been a few years, I think process would change a lot these days. http://www.library.unsw.edu.au/~thesis/adt.../04chapter3.pdf
  8. bowlofnoodle

    Google Sketch Up 7

    I reckon its an issue of access and flow. Sure it is simple and intuitive to use), majority of web users only use the internet for email, viewing web, sending quick messages, reading short news bites, writing short blogs. People won't build a 3D classroom just to tell some what the room looks like. The more effort anything is the less adoption. It needs to be integrated in webpages and visual communication some how. Use of 3d data needs to flow well, viewing, creating, and presenting it. Until webpages become live 3d interaction, it is just too much effort to figure out what to use with it. With sl adopted so well by nearly all people is that its already there for you to use when you are in world, you can build it, sell it, show it to people, randomly display it to people. Now you can't really do that with sketchup.
  9. bowlofnoodle

    Torch Light - Idsa Award

    A more spherical and round form would allow flexibility in use. During the context of use you would want to have it standing up, point at a particular spot, secure on an incline plane etc. Just picking at your design =], neat idea though.
  10. bowlofnoodle

    Wood Is Good - Chair

    Hey, the chair looks very simple, but has many interesting ideas. Although alot of focus is on manufacturing, reducing cost and assembly. I would say the negative is that it lacks usibility and practicality. Sure it is different and efficient but it does not provide a new function for the user. Whats good with pure design focus project is that it last longer, it will be use more often, it is flexible to use, it has many function. A chair that is ergonomical, durable, and manouvable would be better in my opinion. Sure it is more complex, more expensive and hard to assemble. But you would need to make something thoughtfull. I heard one of sony's slogan a while back was "We do what others don't". Anyways, my 2 cents.
  11. Check out Center forr Universal Design NCSU website. There are a few interesting article about design for all. A few design I remembered was, Fiskars who designed a more low effort and comfortable scissors made a major impact in the market place. http://www.design.ncsu.edu/cud/pubs_p/pud.htm
  12. bowlofnoodle

    Visual Communications 5

    The last two was really great. Good job. Dont see anything that imaginative in a while.
  13. bowlofnoodle

    My Product Design Portfolio

    Better splash page would be great. More of a teaser. Also agree with Lilith. Dont have too many section in sections. Just present all on one page. Why the new facebook is annoying... Plus emphasize the images. Too much writing for my liking.
  14. bowlofnoodle

    Drawing Styles

    Look to the professionals. Clint Thackery's sketches are more confident, more detailed; http://thackerydesign.blogspot.com/ In regarding motivation. I'll tell you why sketching is important. If you have really good sketching skills, design skills and a good portfolio. You get the chance to go for interview/internship/maybe work at large major corporate companies, you'll be amazed at the workplace, its so large, its so beautiful, everything is shiny, and you get the chance to do something challenging, to work with inspiring professionals. What you attracts them is your industrial design skills. Your sketching ability. Doing anything over and over needs motivation. If you think you practice enough sketching, maybe its time to apply for an intern, start doing some work with the sketching skills.
  15. bowlofnoodle

    Reach Glove

    Yup currently working on making RP models. It will also include a picture book that show how the product is used, and what it is used for. Pretty much it lets students, point, indicate body language, talk with hand gesture, show and manipulate presentation slides. Further more, real live hand movement just shows natural realistic human movement. There are no real software design since it is out of my hands. It's taking a while doing the detail design of the glove.
  16. bowlofnoodle

    Reach Glove

    Design for Social Support: Improving engagement for students learning remotely at the School of the Air In brief, this rubber glove is a computer input device for use in virtual online classroom. It allows students to interact in 3d environment to display hand motion, and it also lets students manipulate 3D objects. The project aims to help rural students to learn through the social support pedagogy, to learn in classroom environment with other students. It also reduce the boring correspondence paper work and provide a more engaging experience. Please point out issue in context of use, manufacturing/prototyping technique and also rendering technique would be appreciated. =] Any other comment is cool as well.
  17. Carbodydesign.com Professional car sketching, design and rendering. Go here to learn from the best...learning from the drawings. Literally looking at it, and study it. I just register to email newsletters to get the heads up. forums.sijun.com One of the early digital painting forum. Great resources from gurus about painting and rendering. Have not log in for at least 6 months. But I used to read a lot from there.
  18. bowlofnoodle

    Cintiq Sketches

    Wow nice sketches. Very impressive.
  19. bowlofnoodle

    Office Furniture

    Good presentation, the lines are pretty clean. In regards to the design, I keeps seeing tables and chair that have the bend look. Its everywhere, it's been done so many times. Try look for inspiration else where, some where others have never thought of...The Sony Walkman styling was associated to bone forms. New car navigation was inspired from ants. New nano technology application comes from the understand of gecko feat...spider webbing.
  20. bowlofnoodle

    Domestic Recycling

    Hi spaff, really nice presentation and sketches. Very clean and clear. It looks simple but I am sure you are skillful. Only one problem is that there are too many images. It takes awhile for me to work out what it does and how it works. Maybe reduce the number of image and straight to the point. One page with annotation. One massive exploded view with all technical package details. From what I gathered, the appliance stores and crushes the garbage? Isn't there a more simple way to do this? Why don't you have the user crush all the garbage and reduce the large amount of components. But yeah all that doesn't matter if the sketches are good heh.
  21. Hey Dipumon, the material and blending of the light looks so good. What program did you made it in and what sort of rendering setting was used? Cheers.
  22. bowlofnoodle

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    Had a few decent pages in my sketch book, just thought I post it up. Will try to put more. =]
  23. bowlofnoodle

    Car Rendering

    I reckon you should emphasize the hard edges in the foreground with sharp shadow, sharp colour, thick lines. Check out snugja's rendering of the brown car; http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.p...2942&st=270 Should use loss edges and softedge in the background.
  24. bowlofnoodle

    Car Rendering

    Do it now! =p
  25. Hey, this is exactly what I am trying to do with my project. Thanks for the find csven! Well the reason to elicit the creativity in the end user is because it is more functional to society as a whole. What I mean is that design thinking which is a special kind of thinking that is solution base thinking or problem solving. You ideate and brain storm to come up with new ideas. Why this matter is because it is about the development of the artificial, the world we want it to be. It is beleived that we need to take action and lead because it is more productive. Further more, it is also a high priority as a strategy to fight against global warming. Ezio manzini, a world expert in sustainability expressed in his book Sustainable Everyday, to achieve a higher level of effectiveness it requires a social change, a change in all people. People should take more action and be more creative through the designerly ways of knowing.

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